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Reflecting on WTT

Currently in our drama class, we are learning world theatre traditions.  Within this unit, we explored many different kinds of world theatre traditions for example puppets, traditional masks and traditional stories. In this post I will be comparing this three.

  • WTT story : For WTT story, we did Ramayana without using any masks.This was really hard because we have nothing to cover our face and because of this, we had to show the character’s facial expressions really clearly using all our faces and bodies.
  • WTT traditional mask: For traditional mask unit, we used two different kinds of  masks which are Indonesian traditional masks and a mask that have a specific characteristics in their facial expression. For the first class we did about masks, we used the characteristic one. This was harder than it looks because you have to use the body to be in the character since our faces are fully covered. I did “full” and it was really fun to pair up and do a performance with Hailey who was doing an old man. After doing this mask, we did Indonesian traditional masks. For this masks it was easier than the characteristic mask because our mouths were shown to the audience. We did fairy tails first and then Ramayana using this mask. When we were doing Ramayana, it was difficult to show the scenes in Tableau but it was really good to understand the rise and downs of the story. Also it was difficult to change our masks on stage.
  • WTT story with traditional puppets : For puppets, we used two different puppets which were puppets from National theatre, Indonesian traditional puppets. When we were using NT puppet, it was really interesting to make it look like the puppet is alive. We have to think how the puppets breath, move, look at something all in once. We also watched how Lion King puppets are used and made. For Indonesian puppets, it was really interesting to experience because we had to think a lot of think in one movement and it was really interesting to learn how the people play  it train. We have to move everything with one hand and also, it was hard not to make the shadow of ourselves.
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Mandala assessment reflection

Link to my Mandala Assessment

In my Global Perspectives class, we learnt about identity in unit 1. Our task for this assessment was to make a mandala using five objects that represents our identity and divide it into sun side (well known identity to everyone)and shadow side (unknown identity of ourself). We made an essay explaining about the details for our mandala. By doing this task, I found out a new aspect of myself by interviewing or doing a survey to my classmates. Also, it was a great opportunity to rethink deeply into myself and an opportunity to find clearly about myself.

I have never written a big essay in English so this task was a little bit scary for me but still, I think I did not do bad. I did research a lot and managed to write the required amount in the time provided for us to finish the task. There are many things that I have to improve in.

  • Make the paragraph flow more smoothly (not individual, make connections) : We know that it is successful by making the reader really clear my main point of view
  • Improve my range of vocabulary : I know that I am successful in this by using a lot of academic vocabulary that we learnt in class
  • Write more deeply about the information that I have : I will know that I am successful by giving a lot information to the reader.
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Experience with puppet #1

In our previous lesson, we made our own paper puppet and thought of how we can move it realistically. In class, we learned how to make the puppet look breath, move like it is living and how we can make it easy for the audience to understand the story.

  • From the aspect of story telling, puppet is really useful because by using puppet in a right way, it makes the audience like they are looking the actual animal or person. In Lion King, a puppet of  Zazoo is used. It has a lot of  things that we can do with it such as moving the mouth and eyes. This is used because it is difficult for human to act animals in an actual show and it is really clear for the audience to understand the story.
  • From the aspect of emotion, it is actually difficult to express the character’s emotion. But by their  movement, emotions can be expressed. For example, when the character is sad you can make them look down to show that they are depressed.
  • From the aspect of manipulation, it is very important because if they did not use it well, the audience can not concentrate on the story and look at the human controlling them. In Lion King, there are motors in Scar’s helmet. It moves up, down, front and back to make him look scary in some scenes for example when Scar is trying tho frighten Sinba, he puts his helmet down so that it looks like we are looking at the puppet not the actor that is acting the character.
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SDGs presentation reflection

What was the task?

Our task was to give a presentation about a goal that you are assigned and to persuade others that the goal is the most important one in all 17 sustainable development goals and so we can get the most fund from the listeners.

How did you prepare for it?

I started preparing for this presentation by researching the United Nation Developing program official website. I went to the kids information booklet to get the main idea of SDG number 17 and went to detailed information page to get more detailed facts, quotes and statistics about the partnership for the goal. Also I discussed this topic with my mom to get the more information that I did not know. I brainstormed what to present and made notes and thought about the effective structure. After finish drafting my presentation, I tried to shorten the presentation so that it will fit in 2 minutes. I practiced in front of my family and also by my self in my room.

Link to video

reflection on verbal presentation skills

I think I made more eye contacts with the audiences than the previous presentation. My voice was loud enough for everyone to hear but it was not clear in some point and also, it was too fast so I should work on the speed next time I present.

reflection on the content

My presentation had introduction, body  and conclusion/summary clearly, interconnections to not only SDG number 17 but also other goals and also I did not go off track and sticked to my topic. However, I could have shared more persuasive facts or statistics.

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Drama reflection task#1

Descriptive– In the exemplar video that I watched there were many interesting things or techniques to watch. First of all, they used one single frame to describe and tell the whole story (equipment). Secondly, everyone was doing something on stage, they had lines  equally and they were multi rolling their parts (rolls). Lastly, they used the light effectively. They did not use all the lights that they can use so it is easier for the audience to get an atmosphere of the scene and also, they thought carefully where they stand (which spotlight they stand in).

Personal– In my opinion, the performance that i watched was really interesting performance to watch. When I thought of the reasons whyI think this way, I realised that there are less narration. This make the audience think more deeply what they are doing or what the piece is talking about. I felt like I am in a different world.

Reflection– This story was constructed by many people’s experience, life and thought when a significant thing happened to them and gathered them together in a really well structured transition. For example, at the beginning, they were talking about Staisy but suddenly, they dropped the frame and transitioned to a story of Daisy. They did not stop acting on the transition so it made more interesting to watch and when it was a story of Daisy, it was full with emotions. I could tell the tangled feeling of her when she was not able to be near her father when he died. On the last scene when she says “I’m sorry who are you?” it made the audience surprised or shocking so it made the story more memorable in a good way.

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Reflection of the media (Unit 1)

I chose the development of video and video sharing for my topic.

I think media is not a new thing because there were many medias existed more than 1000 years. In the old days there were no cameras or videos so they had to tell people by people, send letters or make a monument. In the case of videos it started in 19th century. At the beginning, they took photos and connected to make videos which is a surprisingly high technology in 19th century.

from my topic, there were many things that I did not know and was surprised or interesting to know. First of all, I did not know that the first ever video camera was invented in a late 19th century which is amazing and this was a really good thing in the world war 2 for a memorial of who did what and what happened. Secondly, I did not know that instant camera was invented in 1981. In Japan, many generations and many people  still use it to take photo and have fun. I did know that my mom used to use it but I did not think it was that old. At last, researching this topic was really interesting because it made me think of how convenient this world is and made me thank my daily life full of technology and video cameras.

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What I want to get involved at UWC

Since UWC have many activities and services, I want to get involved in many things at UWC.

First of all, I really want to get involve in performing arts related activities. There are many opportunities such as “culturama” “drama production” and so on. I started learning ballet when I was 5 and since then, I love performing on stage and entertaining. In my previous school, there were not many and also, they did not have a big stage like UWC does. I signed up for both culturama and “the heart of robin hood” which is a drama production for this year.

Secondly, I am eager to join services. I have never done many services in my life and i have thousands of opportunity in this school so I would like to be involved in it. Also, I am interested in medical jobs so I would like to at least get an idea of what it is like to work in a hospital or facilities like that.

Last but not least, I would like to be in the community of UWC, make new friends and have a nice high school life!

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Hello my name is Rikako!

  • I am from Japan
  • My hobby is to do ballet and sing (I have been learning ballet since 5 or 6 years old)
  • I joined FIB this year
  • I have one sister (in university), one dog
  • I have been living inn Singapore for about one and a half years
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