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Mandala assessment reflection

on December 2, 2019

Link to my Mandala Assessment

In my Global Perspectives class, we learnt about identity in unit 1. Our task for this assessment was to make a mandala using five objects that represents our identity and divide it into sun side (well known identity to everyone)and shadow side (unknown identity of ourself). We made an essay explaining about the details for our mandala. By doing this task, I found out a new aspect of myself by interviewing or doing a survey to my classmates. Also, it was a great opportunity to rethink deeply into myself and an opportunity to find clearly about myself.

I have never written a big essay in English so this task was a little bit scary for me but still, I think I did not do bad. I did research a lot and managed to write the required amount in the time provided for us to finish the task. There are many things that I have to improve in.

  • Make the paragraph flow more smoothly (not individual, make connections) : We know that it is successful by making the reader really clear my main point of view
  • Improve my range of vocabulary : I know that I am successful in this by using a lot of academic vocabulary that we learnt in class
  • Write more deeply about the information that I have : I will know that I am successful by giving a lot information to the reader.

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