Personal Reflection (Poetry)

Currently, my relationship with poetry is still a bit tentative. I’ve gone past the stage where I think poetry is simply confusing with fancy words, thanks to the poetry unit in Grade 8. However, it still wouldn’t be the first option to pick out when I spend my spare time reading leisurely. Honestly, the only time that I really spend reading poetry, is when it is necessary and recommended due to an English unit on poetry. In this process, I have discovered some poems that I genuinely enjoy reading and trying to make meaning through the vague, beautifully fitting words. I realise that I enjoy a poem with not too much of a structure or a strict rhyme scheme, but ones those throw me imagery that provokes thinking.

Although I’m not quite accustomed to approaching poetry through analysing how it is written, I am aware that it greatly affects the meaning I can make out of poetry. Especially figurative language used in poems, ones such as allusions, symbolism, metaphors, all used to create very powerful imagery. It is like points on a map, as I try to navigate through a foggy forest. When I can recognise certain symbols or references, I can slowly piece them together, try to make a sense out of everything provided. Some poems are easier to do so, and some are much more difficult. When I understand more about how a poem can be written, it gives me more options and pathways to make meaning.

I’m currently struggling to analyse poetry when the features that are used are less distinct, more implicit. I can pull apart and identify certain figurative language used, sound devices employed, for poems that are used as an example during class – where I can see the obvious placement of what we learned. However, when it starts getting less evident, I realised that I struggle much more in deciphering the meaning of the poem by identifying literary devices used – or attempt to write an analysis essay about it. Therefore there are a few goals that I aim to achieve during this unit:

  • To identify poetic devices in many different kinds of poems, and analyse them with ease and comfort.
  • Simply learn to enjoy reading different poems, to continue reading poetry outside of this current English unit.

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