Update: Memoirs of the Pioneer Generation Service

I think the relationship between me and the elderly has really progressed since the first few times we visited. Initially, when we went to see them, they barely greeted us. But now, they cheerfully wave to us and ask us to sit next to them đŸ˜€ There was once when I had to miss a day of service due to dance showcase rehearsals and the next week I went to service, they frantically asked me why I didn’t go last week and how much they missed me. It made me really happy and more motivated to put a smile on their faces. It’s surprising how much a smile could cheer someone else up.

I plan to join this service again next year, I’ll be extremely sad if we have to change sites next year.

Touch Rugby

Our touch trip to Malaysia was both an eyeopening and a team bonding experience. Most of my team went on the trip with a few exceptions, thus meaning that I was able to interact with my teammates closely over the weekend. The trip to the hotel was awfully long and we got caught up in traffic, delaying our arrival from 7 pm to 10 pm. On the long bus ride, however, I was able to become closer with my teammates as we discussed school, the upcoming games, and many other topics. We even played card games on the bus! Being able to interact with my teammates in such a way really gave me a better understanding of each of my teammates, which I think really aided us in our games as our team had the best team chemistry I’ve ever experienced since joining touch.

The games went terribly looking at the scores, but considering the fact we were up against A team of other teams when we’re a B team, I think we did the best we could. The in-game coaching and advice given by the A team coach were really helpful and I learned a lot about what was good about my style of gameplay and a lot more about what areas I needed to improve in. I think I improved in my abilities and techniques incredibly in the short span of a few days.

We ended the trip by going to Din Tai Feng, where we all really enjoyed ourselves and I think became really close as a team. Both coaches were extremely lovable and easy to interact with, my teammates were really cooperative and all maintained positive mindsets. The trip was really fun and I have no regrets going on it !!

Soon to add clips from the trip !!!!!

EE First Reflection

The feedback from the meeting for my EE outline went pretty well. We discussed each section of the outline separately, and what I was to write in each section. We talked about the pros and the possible difficulties in writing each section. I was advised to revise the outline for the first two main body paragraphs and to leave the third as it is. Each section could be developed further should be more in-depth, and I should include articles that will assist me in writing each main body paragraph. We also discussed the difficulty of some resources as my Chinese level isn’t high enough to decipher some of the articles, due to its advanced vocabulary. Aims from this meeting were to further improve my EE outline, find more articles for each section and to start thinking towards EE writing day and starting my 1200 word first draft.


TOK Religion Day

TOK Religion day proved itself to me to be just as if not more interesting than the TOK Art day. From this day I learned and felt the passion some individuals expressed when talking about their religion. On the other hand, it was also disappointing that many of the students didn’t even show up for TOK religion day.

Digital Arts Klub

I decided to join yet another art activity again this year. This year I entered the Digital Arts Club, where we learn to make and animate figures out of shapes. The activity is more individual activity based. There is not much interaction between students in the activity as we have a video to guide our work and that’s all we focus on in class.

To be honest, Digital Arts Club wasn’t really what I expected. But I didn’t have a standard idea of what I thought the activity was going to be like. It was very eye-opening and now I’m trying out digital arts, something I am not familiar with. This activity definitely puts me slightly out of my comfort zone as I would much prefer paint and paper. I think I’m learning new skills from this activity, I am however a bit intimidated by a number of steps that go into something as easy as animating a gif.

I look forward to learning more about illustrator and more digital art skills!