EE Interim Reflection

My research was difficult as reading scholarly articles in Chinese was time consuming as the vocabulary and ideas were a lot more difficult to comprehend. The difficulty of the language may lead to misunderstandings and thus I had to switch sources many times based on wrong understandings of the texts. Thus I took advantage of the abstracts of my texts and thus saved a lot of time. I also took more time to research specific words and ask the people around me to help translate. This helped me a lot and my research and writing process went a lot smoothly in comparison to before. I learned more about my topic and even became more interested in the topic. I learned how important it is to analyze foreign examples to help improve yourself but I also learned that China can be extremely successful in the future if they applied the ideas learned from implementing foreign ideas and creating original content.

Update: Memoirs of the Pioneer Generation Service

I think the relationship between me and the elderly has really progressed since the first few times we visited. Initially, when we went to see them, they barely greeted us. But now, they cheerfully wave to us and ask us to sit next to them 😀 There was once when I had to miss a day of service due to dance showcase rehearsals and the next week I went to service, they frantically asked me why I didn’t go last week and how much they missed me. It made me really happy and more motivated to put a smile on their faces. It’s surprising how much a smile could cheer someone else up.

I plan to join this service again next year, I’ll be extremely sad if we have to change sites next year.

TOK Religion Day

TOK Religion day proved itself to me to be just as if not more interesting than the TOK Art day. From this day I learned and felt the passion some individuals expressed when talking about their religion. On the other hand, it was also disappointing that many of the students didn’t even show up for TOK religion day.

Digital Arts Klub

I decided to join yet another art activity again this year. This year I entered the Digital Arts Club, where we learn to make and animate figures out of shapes. The activity is more individual activity based. There is not much interaction between students in the activity as we have a video to guide our work and that’s all we focus on in class.

To be honest, Digital Arts Club wasn’t really what I expected. But I didn’t have a standard idea of what I thought the activity was going to be like. It was very eye-opening and now I’m trying out digital arts, something I am not familiar with. This activity definitely puts me slightly out of my comfort zone as I would much prefer paint and paper. I think I’m learning new skills from this activity, I am however a bit intimidated by a number of steps that go into something as easy as animating a gif.

I look forward to learning more about illustrator and more digital art skills!



I recently auditioned for our school’s annual dance production: Culturama. It’s a performance where dancers gather and celebrate the diverse nationalities our school’s students are exposed to every single day. I auditioned for Korea and Japan this year. Last year I joined Korea and China and since Japan was a new country that was introduced to Culturama this year, I wanted to try something new and joined but also continued to join Korea.

Besides learning the choreographies that the leaders have prepared for us, there isn’t any significant progress in the activity. But being in more than one country, I am able to compare the two. Both have their pros and cons and I am able to learn a lot about leadership roles and skills just by being a pure observer in the activies.



No photos again 😀 there will be from rehearsals and performances !

Creativity and Service – Memoirs of the Pioneer Generation Service

I recently went to our local service site: Lions Befrienders, and met the elderly there. The goal of the service was to build a connection with the elders there and at the end of the service, produce an article written about the elder we were paired up with. I was paired up with a kind lady: Tay Yam Kim, who is currently 81 years old. Our conversations went smoothly and I had little trouble communicating with her as I’m able to speak Mandarin. It was hard though, to keep up with her life story as I’m not thoroughly familiar with Singapore’s history. I had to embarrassingly ask her occasionally to explain further some events she was conversing about and how she was so tightly correlated to it.

On a happier note,  was really sweet and was eager to tell me all about her life story. I was exposed to a lot of interesting facts including the bare and brutal life she had experienced around my age or even younger. The conversations we had were equal with the occasionally leaning towards her talking and me listening more.



The whole trip was very enjoyable and I felt very content with my time spent that day at the site. I look forward to my next trip to the service site, I can’t wait to further connect with the elder and learn more about elder Singapore citizens!


Note to self: I have yet to add photos to this post, will remember to take them next time !