Reflection #1 of HL Essay

Paper 1:

1. How might you unpack the text more effectively in order to derive insight or connect to ideas/ themes?

Having a theme or a concept would have been better for my paper 1. Since there was a time limit, I was rushing to include the evidences I have found instead of coming up with a theme based on the evidences. When analysing, rather than explaining the meaning, maybe digging it to a deeper level and connecting it with the global issue might have improved my writing. Instead of stating what the obvious is, giving more analysis backing up with evidence might have been better.

2. How might you create more realistic arguments and discussions?

One of the weakness of the essay was the lack of terminology. The usage of terminology can improve my explanation and arguments more and give the reader a sense of understanding from me when analysing the text. Another way to create a more realistic argument is to have a theme, as stated above. By then, I could connect the evidences I find with the theme giving a more insightful argument and discussion.


How has your planning changed?

When planning the HL Essay, I added another text from P&G – Baby Vinicius. At first there were only two texts and both of them lies on the extreme spectrum of gender roles or stereotypes. But after the discussions with my teacher, I added another advert which is a middle ground of both of them.

I was also focusing on mixing the context and analysis so much that the theme became vague and became unclear. Thus, I also need to reduce using a lot of frames as evidence and focus on unpacking one frame from each text.



What’s next?

This made me realise that I should have a theme when writing the HL essay. This will improve the focus and the points of my essay allowing me to provide evidence clearer. Based on paper 1 exam, I was lacking in terms of using terminologies so I will use more terminologies and improve my arguments.

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