PSE Reflection

During our PSE course we have learned about identity, personality types, emotional intelligence, and grit.  Whilst all of these topics relate to me and are very important, there is one that stands out and is something I have related to all my life, which is grit.  Since I was a young child there has always been extra obstacles for me that were not easy to overcome.  Due to my lack of interest in sports and un athleticism as a child I was constantly made fun and I never had any friends because of it.  As time went on playing sports became an even more important aspect of socializing in school and since I was never a part of it this always held me back.  Once I was 12 years old and had just joined UWC I was forced by my parents to try out for the schools basketball team as they thought it was important for me to play a sport and develop a hobby.  After being placed on the B team I was quite devastated and my parents were very empathetic with me and told me I could quit the team if I wanted to.  I thought about there question for about 5 seconds before saying there was no way I was going to give up that easy.  After multiple years of working hard at basketball and during my 10th grade year I had finally made our schools U16 A team which was my first A team for any sport ever.  About a week before our teams first game I got a severe injury in a practice session where I tore my ACL and my MCL going for a layup.  Due to the severity of the injury I had to have surgery right away and after the surgery was over the doctors said it was going to be over a year until I played basketball again.  Once again I took 5 seconds before saying no.  By showing grit and determination and never quitting, 8 months after the surgery I was selected to participate for our schools mens league team which is the top 12 players in our school competing in a league with very competitive older men.

I will use grit and my knowledge of it throughout the IB course to succeed as I know never to give up no matter how stacked the odds are against you.  I will use this mindset I have developed for myself during both years to help make sure I never fail.  I will constantly work and show my determination like I have done in the past during this IB course and set the example of never giving up and never stopping to work no matter what the circumstances are and I believe that I will have more grit than ever especially now that I have learned about what grit really is during our PSE course.

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