CAS Reflection 1: Basketball Preseason

So far during the IB I have taken part in preseason basketball because basketball is one of my hobbies and doing the preseason to it is the stepping stone to making the U19 A team.  For this activity we have practice every Tuesday morning and Thursday evening as well.  There was also an extension to preseason basketball where if you made the internal tryout you could participate for the schools mens league team and play competitive games every Wednesday night as part of a league.  I made it through that tryout so I play for the schools mens league team and it is a lot of fun.  It builds good chemistry for the season and helps us to better develop our game as a team.  Despite the fun and teamwork, it is also a challenge as we have lost all of our games so far this season and usually by significant margins, but I think those loses will bring our team closer together and make us ready for the regular season.

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