CAS Reflection 5: Basketball

After several hard months of training in preseason and playing competitive games in the regular season, basketball has come to an end for the year.  After being unhappy with my team placement and getting put onto the junior varsity team, I realized that it was the stepping stone I needed in order to make it to the top tier of UWC basketball.  After tearing my ACL and MCL in January of 2018 I made the mistake of rushing into things and getting back on the courts too early, and ended up tearing the same 2 ligaments in the same leg in the middle of our U19B season during the month of December in 2018.  This was a very large obstacle for me that I had to overcome as not being able to play-out the entire season was very difficult, and thinking about the long road to recovery was even more painful.  I used my resilience and determination to continue to help my team even if I wasn’t able to play in games, so I showed up for practice to help organize drills for the team and I showed up to every game I could to give my team support and to help my coach using my insight into the game of basketball.

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