TOK Reflection From TOK Day

During the past week of school, we had a TOK day where we were given presentations and talks about religious knowledge systems which is a topic that is part of our TOK course.  During the day we had a presentation about the importance of religious knowledge systems and what a religious knowledge system is, and then after the presentation our class had some question time with a TOK teacher about religious knowledge systems and his own personal view and beliefs, and then after the question time we went back downstairs to listen in to a live debate between two TOK teachers who debated on religious knowledge systems and gave us an example of a TOK style debate and how it would normally play out.  There were also some audience participants during the debate who also voiced their own opinions about religious knowledge systems and gave personal examples of their own believes and religious knowledge which was impacted by their upbringing.  Our knowledge of religious systems has a very strong connection to AOK and WOK which are a large part of our TOK course.  AOK stands for areas of knowledge and WOK stands for ways of knowing and these topics both relate to religious knowledge systems because religion is all about what you know judging by your specific areas of knowledge and your individual ways of knowing.  For example the TOK teacher who we got to question as a class was an atheist which means he does not follow any religion and for him this was impacted by his upbringing and what type of religion he was exposed to at a young age which impacted his areas of knowledge about religion and religious systems and therefore changes his ideas and beliefs about religion.  Another big aspect of the TOK day was seeing how my own personal knowledge differs from others around me and how my own understandings should align with others to an extent.  Religion has 3 core concepts.  The moral values, religious sharing, and faith.

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