Grade 11 CAS


  1. HS Beyond Snapshots – Season 1 Commitment. I always love to take photos on my phone whenever I am with friends, going to an event, or on holiday with my family and wanted to extend my passion further into learning professional photography. Though mobile phones nowadays are capable of taking great photos, I wanted to learn how to use a DSLR, and learn about its different functions. I would also love to be able to take photos of any school-related events in the future, and contribute to any projects regarding photography through this experience.
  2. HS TedxYouth (Season 1, 2, & 3 commitment) / HS Model UN Executive (Season 1 & 2 commitment) – I would like to be a part of the TedxYouth activity, specifically for the organization and leadership roles. Through the application process before starting the season, I hope I will be able to contribute and learn more about the behind the scenes and preparations that go into making a TedxYouth performance possible. Alternatively, I am also interested in the HS MUN Executive activity, as the MUN is something that I have some experience with from previous classes. However, because the seasonal commitments do overlap, I hope to make my final decision depending on the application and acceptance process of TedxYouth.


  1. HS Netball Team 19U Girls – For my activities commitment, I would like to be a part of the NS Netball girls team. Netball is a sport that I very much enjoy, and have experience of being a part of a previous school’s team. In preparation for the sport that begins in season 3, I would also like to join the HS pre-season netball team in the meantime for season 2.
  2. Alternatively to the netball team, I am also interested in joining the HS badminton team 19U Girls. Badminton is a sport that I have never had experience of as a competitive sport but had learned the sport from a relatively young age. Since learning, I have enjoyed playing badminton with family in my leisure time but would also like to participate in it as a team sport if possible.


  • Cooking & Baking with Simei Care Centre – I chose to contribute to a local service this year and chose a cooking & baking activity. I have a passion for cooking and baking, with it being one of my greatest hobbies, and hope that my interest and experience in it will really make my contribution more meaningful and helpful. I also love working with people and have a background in helping similar clients, those who have mental health issues. I also think that there could be a lot I could take away from this year-long experience, and hope to be able to write a lot about it in my reflections.

My Links to Psychology

This past July, my family was lucky enough to move to Singapore and experience the unique culture and environment here. During the last weeks of summer break, I began to notice a few major points of distinction between Singapore and Japan, where I moved from.

I found that there was a real diversity of nationalities and ethnicities within people, especially compared to Japan, being one of the least ethnically diverse populations in the world. There seemed to be an abundance of acceptance, with less people appearing to be alienated by others. Though I personally had grown up in an international environment, meeting students from all over the world, it was still a revelation to see the people around me accept and celebrate the heterogeneity of the Singaporean population. In terms of understanding the change in my actions in a psychological perspective, I feel that there was a sociocultural factor influencing how I understood and adapted to the environment here after seeing the people be so inclusive and embracive of each other. I found that this experience was one of the most rewarding lessons I learned from moving around the world, and feel that it really brought a positive change into my life as a whole.

What I Know About My Junior Year

With my junior year of high school starting in 3 days, what do I know so far?

1. School Environment

Moving into a new country, let alone going to a new school, has always brought new excitement, but also a significant amount of tension. Yet, after experiencing orientation at UWCSEA, I know that I feel safe and happy here, and that I will be able to perform at my best whether that be with academics or other related activities.

2. Importance of Grade 11

Even before starting junior year, I’ve always known that junior year of high school is one of the most important academic years of a student’s life, with more responsibility and drive needed. For these reasons, this coming year is one that I know I will have to work harder at, especially with being a new student and resident. Now, I also know that on top of all these expectations, the school will support me in all the ways possible, and that I will never be alone going through this journey.

3. Freedom & Variety

Lastly, I know that here at UWCSEA, I will also have a variety of opportunities to pursue other hobbies alongside my studies, and that I will have the freedom to try new activities and hopefully get a better sense of who I am as a person.

I’m excited to see what other things I learn about grade 11 at UWCSEA, hoping that this year will be one of the best.