SGM Murni Gymnastics Reflection 1

Having lived my childhood in less opportunistic Singapore for 7 years, I can empathise with the children that we work with, having our parents work most of the day, I understand the small voids in their life where they need more TLC. And having joined this local service, it satisfies me, knowing that I can […]

Asians Children Education Reflection 1

After attending 4 weeks of ACE GC, I have come to realise how out of touch I am with global issues, more specifically issues in a suspenseful Bangladesh, where many children are out of reach with education. Having joined this GC, I now see myself advocating not only for education in Bangladesh, but also aiding […]

Football ECA Reflection 1

Having already done 2 weeks of football, I have come to realise the potential that I can improve through this sport, not only as an athlete but also as a 21st century gentleman. The sport, football is all about fair play, teamwork and adapting to changes. To give some examples, I showed sportsmanship in training […]

PSE Reflection

After 5 weeks of PSE, I have come to realise the importance of knowing your personality. How conundrums might possibly occur if you do not empathise in certain occasions. PSE teaches us about knowing ourselves and others, and my strongest personality trait is that I portray Agreeableness, meaning, I am friendly, kind and empathic. However […]