Final Day At The Internship

Today I spend my last day at Eurofragance with a sense of joy and regret. Ultimately deciding to shorten my internship here, seeing that I have only been spending 10% of my time here learning about the art of fragrances, and that my interest did not align. As such, I decided to better spend my summer break with preparing for the next IB year.

Even though this internship was short lived, I found that I did benefit greatly from this experience; understanding how a fragrance house functions, the hierarchy of employees, understanding the construct of fragrances (accords, note family, etc.). Even though this internship was cut short – I think that the 2 weeks that I have spent here have been fruitful and a win-win situation for both myself and Eurofragance.

Tip for self: Always research and plan well before taking up an internship haha!

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