HS Bersama Reflection 2

I have now come a long way since my first day of the anxious and doubtful attempt at the audition; having been accepted as a member, I could not be more proud and further confident in my abilities as a singer and a team member of this very singing group. Recently, we have been performing […]

HS Bersama Reflection 1

Absolutely bemused… I made it into Bersama! Going into auditions, I thought that I was not technically gifted with singing, additionally I have never taken a lesson before. But I decided that I would try my best and sing with emotion and empathize with my song. When I heard that I was chosen as the […]

SGM Murni Gymnastics Reflection 3

I personally believe that, through implementing small skill sets, not only limited to gymnastics, but also the personal skills that are curated through these sessions, such as adaptability, patience, altruism and responsibility. These kids will be able to grow up with these skills deeply ingrained into their values, because of the significance that they learnt […]

SGM Murni Gymnastics Reflection 2

Last week, we carried out our first session of gymnastics with the children, needless to say, I thought that it was going to be a walk in the park. I was so wrong, the children were as naughty as it gets. Running around without listening to instructions. In short, this session was not good enough, […]

Kahaani Reflection 3

We just finished the performance, overall, it went really well. As expected from all the hard work and effort we poured into the rehearsals. Everyone performed with enthusiasm and passion and that was a real eye opener. Seeing that some people were not from the culture that the performance was about, yet, we could all […]