Reflective Conversation 3 – Extended Essay

Having finally ended the Extended Essay, I can proudly say that I do not regret choosing my topic. My passion for folk music and fiddling has only been further fuelled by interest and understanding its history. Throughout my EE, I felt that I did really well regarding the historical context and the exploring the surface […]

Interim Reflection from RC2

So far I think that my EE has been a real mix of results. My supervisor told me that I had many points that were really good for justifying my research. However, my structure was not well done because of a few misunderstandings in concepts, for example putting musical structure points into another criteria like […]

Extended Essay Writing Day

Coming in to school today, I was rid with a handful of questions regarding my extended essay and how to structure it, what to write. However, having been given ample time today to do my research, I have answered many of them, such questions are, “How did Scots-Irish come into the USA to kickstart Appalachian […]

EE Initial Reflection – Music

Before I was formally introduced to the EE. I always seen it as a mandatory hassle, and we had to write endlessly on topics we might not like. However, I soon found myself to be wrong. The EE is actually a wonderful activity, even though mandatory. I believe it helps us to truly discover who […]