Final Day At The Internship

Today I spend my last day at Eurofragance with a sense of joy and regret. Ultimately deciding to shorten my internship here, seeing that I have only been spending 10% of my time here learning about the art of fragrances, and that my interest did not align. As such, I decided to better spend my […]

Summer Internship at Eurofragrance

So far I have come to better understand how companies like Eurofragrance work, as a fragrance house like Estee Lauder; who play a big role in dictating the trends and demands of the perfumery market and others like cosmetics. I learnt a lot about the objectives of Eurofragrance, that even though they are a smaller […]

PSE Reflection

After 5 weeks of PSE, I have come to realise the importance of knowing your personality. How conundrums might possibly occur if you do not empathise in certain occasions. PSE teaches us about knowing ourselves and others, and my strongest personality trait is that I portray Agreeableness, meaning, I am friendly, kind and empathic. However […]

What things do I know about G11 life

The summer holidays were all and well. But as the date etched closer to 13th August, the mind starts running with anxiety again. The fear of catching up with learning, making new friends or even getting used to how big the school is. Even seeing the pristine pulchritude of the school keeps me on edge. […]