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Commitment to Care

Commitment to Care


What is “Commitment to Care” in relation to UWCSEA?

Commitment to Care is the basis of the UWCSEA mission: to make students care and for them to take action even if it’s not entirely for their benefit. It is an extremely important aspect of our school, as it is what develops the student’s personalities and values, and ensures that they’re the type of children that we need in today’s world. It is also necessary in everyday lives, as it shows that you have the drive and the passion to help others, in order to make the world a better place for everybody.


What does Commitment to Care mean to me?

Commitment to Care is the idea that you’re taking action not for yourself, but for others, but for the benefit of all. It means that your values are strong, and that you’re a caring and kind person that could bring good into bad situations.

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