• What were your goals and expectations? : My initial goal was to get an internship in the field related to science/medicine since I enjoy learning and studying them. Because I also enjoy helping and supporting the people/community, I thought that it would be a good idea to get an internship in an ambulance center or hospital. I initially expected this internship program to be an opportunity where I could observe and truly find out what I like to do in the future by being an intern in one of my potential workplaces.
  • Were you able to meet your goals? : I think I was able to meet my goals because I was able to get an internship at the Yishun Community hospital. I believe I would be able to observe how everything works in the hospital and eventually understand what it is like to be a doctor.
  • How close to your expectations were the actual outcome? : The actual outcome was very close to my expectation because working as an intern in the hospital can definitely deepen my understanding in the medical field.
  • What have you learned through the process/What skills have you learned or applied? : Throughout the process, I have learned that thinking about your career beforehand (possibly by becoming an intern in that field) is very significant because it prevents you from working in the field that you do not enjoy and also helps you consider what you truly like. I have applied communication skill throughout this process because Megna and I had to send emails by ourselves to all these different companies, which meant that we had to apply our communication skill to construct an appropriate email that clearly articulates the purpose of the email. 
  • In what other situations or areas in your life might you apply the same skills and learning? : Communication is one of the most important skills that can be used almost everywhere because we talk and express our ideas through verbal communication. I can definitely apply communication skill (more specifically, constructing formal emails) in very similar situations where I would have to send crucial email to become an intern.
  • What are some of your goals for your World of Learning Week internship? : The main takeaway from the WOL week internship would be the experience I gain working as an intern in the hospital because I was never able to have the opportunity to work somewhere. Additionally, given that we are going into adulthood in about 2 years, it is very critical to have a sense of understanding in working as an employer. Because I know how difficult it is to work as a nurse/doctor, I think i can also take this internship as a chance to motivate myself to work harder to achieve my goals. 
  • What might be some factors to consider when defining your goals? : When defining my goals, I think it is important to consider 5 factors – whether the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. This is because to fully achieve my goals, the goals have to be specific enough so that I know what I have to work on. The goals also have to be measurable so that I can keep track of how much I have accomplished, eventually motivating/complimenting myself.

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