March 28

Citizenship: Privilege or Right?

Article 1 | Article 2

Article 1 is mainly composed of Piers Morgan strongly insisting that ISIS brides should never be allowed back home, while article 2 argues that it is pure racism that Shamima Begum had her citizenship deprived unlike the other cruel criminals, simply because she is dual national. Personally, I strongly agree with article 1, as it also seems to me that both brides are trying to lie their way out of the ISIS nest that they will be stuck in unless they make it back to America/UK. It is clear that they were old enough to understand the consequences of marrying a member of ISIS, the biggest terrorist community that is considered the world’s enemy, especially when they are from USA and UK. They made their choice, no one forced them, hence they should take responsibility for their lives, and never intend to come back to the countries they betrayed, saying that they “regret”. I can’t even see their honest remorse, nor if they really understand what they have done. I was simply shocked when Begum said “people should have sympathy” for her, who decided to marry a terrorist and provide continuous support to a serial killer putting the innocent public in danger. I do not feel any sympathy for her, I feel like she absolutely deserved it. To conclude, if the government has made a correct, well-justified decision on whether one should keep their citizenship or not, the government should be allowed deprive one’s citizenship in order to protect its “real” citizens.

While reading the extract in Home Fire and the newspaper articles, I have noticed a few similarities and differences between the extract and the articles. The language, in general, is more informative and persuasive in newspaper article than the extract, as the articles employ logos to provide more reliability to their claim in the article. They both intend to provide logical development of their argument to convey their message to the readers and persuade that the ISIS brides deserve to come back/should stay in the ISIS nest. However in the Home Fire extract, Karamat Lone, the home secretary, does not really intend to explain or justify why he is revoking the citizenship from Pervys Pasha, he simply states that he has been doing this to everyone who is dual national and has joined ISIS, and that is the reason, which isn’t very persuasive.  This nature of newspaper article and literary extract show patterns in sharing a common point or idea. Newspaper article tend to be rather direct due to the presence of many evidence in form of quotes or images, while literary texts generally convey its deep message, which is extremely difficult to find out without a complete understanding of the text and the background information of the settings.

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