CAS Reflection: LaunchX

I started LaunchX at the beginning of the year because I wanted to start a company. I didn’t have an idea what, but I knew I wanted it to help the people of Singapore, and create something that was never been done before. But it’s tougher than it seems, because it took a long time to brainstorm and get the idea. Nevertheless, we came up with the idea of setting up a platform that allows students in Singapore to easily find jobs. The difference between our platform and any other platform is that ours is specifically for students. It’s a platform that also allows them to find internships suited for them. I thought of the idea because it is personally a struggle for me to find jobs because of how messy the website is, or how ambiguous the jobs were.

It started off smoothly, however, as we progressed through the idea, we picked many flaws and misunderstandings, which was expected. Factors such as how we’ll contact the companies, wether they want to be a part of this, and even visual designs were a struggle.

In the picture above was our first ever discussion, and a mini Q&A session for any misunderstandings. We didn’t want to go into this business blindly and questioned many things about the idea, though a lot of questions could be answered, there were a few that I needed to research on.

“How do we profit from this website?” 

“Are the companies willing to pay for this?” 

“Can this be established before the end of 2019?” 

It got me thinking, I still needed to know so much about starting up a business. The pressure started adding up, and I figured I should take it slow and steady, instead of rushing out and stressing myself out.

One thing we absolutely needed to get down was primary research. Eventually, I managed to make a survey towards Singaporeans. Luckily, I had connections and I asked a few people to complete the survey.

I managed to get some information out, so at least we had substance. My next plan is to go out and talk face to face with students and start contacting companies about the idea. There are still so many aspects to think about with this platform, but with teamwork, it would work out.

I would say I wasn’t that successful in achieving my mini goals, it’s hard to balance LaunchX with schoolwork and activities as well. But I’m extremely determined and passionate to make this platform come true, because I believe many students in Singapore face this problem as ell, and given the support of LaunchX, the platform could become real, and that is, the biggest goal.

I feel as though this helped me achieve LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience. LaunchX had helped me with taking leadership and initiating the job hunting platform.



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