CAS Reflection: Down Syndrome Day 16/3

The 16th of March is World Down Syndrome Day, a very big day for all members of the down syndrome community. The event, which I was gratefully been able to partake in, had the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore perform two songs. Specifically, Lucky by Jason Mraz and How Far I’ll Go from Moana. Because of our team’s presence in the centre for the past 9 months, we were invited to join them for the songs. I was excited! But anxious too. Not only would I be singing in front of an entire crowd (performing and acting in front of a crowd is no problem, but singing is another thing!), but it would be my first time seeing the down syndrome community outside the association.

Fast forward from the anxiety-ridden wait to our performance, I was having a much more fun time than I expected. On stage with us was Reuben, Alan, Jaspree and a few others. It was especially nice to perform next to one of the members and sing along with him, he seemed to have a lot of genuine fun just being on stage and singing. The one thing I wish I could’ve done better on stage was having a stronger relationship with Wei Kong next to me. I mostly interact with Reuben and Alan because they’re some of the most outspoken ones in the association. This made me think that perhaps I have been focusing too much on specific members, rather than speaking to everybody as much as I can, which was my goal.


All in all, I’m glad I managed to perform with the members of the DSA. It really made me open my eyes to the down syndrome community in Singapore too, seeing so many supporters in a tiny space of Tampines Hub was heartwarming. Personally, in terms of goals, I’d say I’d like to speak to the other members of the DSA more. Since I’ve been in the association for about 9 months, certain relationships have been established. But I want to establish more, and create deeper relationships before my time with them is up.

EE: Initial Reflection (1)

Initially, I wanted my EE to be centred around the extreme cases of method acting and how it psychologically affects actors. I would do so by going on the internet to find reliable sources, using the books in the library and even asking other theatre students about method acting as secondary sourcing. This was a good time to build my knowledge and interest in theatre further. In my initial conversation with my supervisor, she mentioned that method acting in film and theatre are on different spectrums. I was not aware of this and had to take a different approach to my research and main question. Right now, I have the idea to gather as much data as possible about method acting itself before diving into details of method acting in theatre. Of course, I would cover both aspects in my EE but I would focus on method acting in theatre, making references to the psychological effects later on in my EE.