CAS: Reflection on DSA – 29.11.18

It has been about 4 weeks since we started going to the DSA for our sessions and I’ve learned many things! Firstly, I feel fairly happy with my journey and making friendships in the DSA. Personally for me, it was a challenge to get to know them. But I managed to be acquaintance with a few of the members of the DSA.

So far, I’m learning a lot about leadership and the reality of interacting with people with down syndrome. Being a part of the group, you usually have to take the initiation to start a conversation, or prompt them to be part of the group too. While it helps with my leadership skills, I also learn about people with down syndrome at the same time. Being part of the DSA has made me widen my horizons and views of people with down syndrome.

I feel like I developed knowledge, skills and understanding, all in different areas. Firstly, I’ve been more knowledgable on what down syndrome is like, and how it plays in real life. Being around the DSA members gives me an insight and understanding of living life with down syndrome, even if it’s only 2 hours with them. One skill I definitely developed would be my conversation skills. Talking to the members of the DSA challenged my conversational skills. Initially, I couldn’t hold a conversation because I simply did not know what to say, or what to do. Though it isn’t significant, I’m glad that I managed to be friends with some of them and know what their interests are, outside of singing songs!

My initial goals were to be acquaintance and be familiar to some of the members, and now that I’ve reached that first goal, I want to create another one and strike for that. So, by the end of the 3rd term, I would like to take one a leadership role inside the school’s service itself. Be it logistics, communications, etc! I generally think I am capable of being able to be a leader, I just need to get out of my comfort zone.

CAS: My initial thoughts.

CAS stands for creativity, action and service. In the IB, it incorporates your creative side while allowing you to go out and do some sports and give back to the community as well. Honestly to me, that sounds extremely tiring but also very worthwhile. I’m very excited to finally start my CAS journey and feel accomplished about it.

For my creativity I’ll be joining the film club and trying out for the school’s production. As for my activity I’ll be doing netball, basketball and touch rugby and lastly, for my service I’m helping out my local community in baking with elderly and an equality focus group which I’m looking forward to very much.

Though I can foresee the CAS being very stressful and time consuming, I’m looking forward to see what I can do and the experiences and memories I’ll make!

Maths and Me

Hi! I’m Jasmine from Malaysia! I did my IGCSE’s and I did both E-Math and A-Math for it.

I generally have a very pessimistic view towards mathematics. I won’t lie. I always told myself I was an artsy student and disliked math but I did it for the sake of it anyway. However, I don’t feel too nervous about starting this course. Since I did additional mathematics, I feel like I have a base foundation for Maths SL in IB, maybe not the best, but if it weren’t for my subject choice of A-Math in the IGCSE’s, I’ll probably find myself struggling much more.

I like to stay between doing things myself and having someone explaining it to me. I can’t study maths by myself since I get stuck easily, but I also like to do my work by myself (since I concentrate best in a calm and quiet environment) with nobody bothering me.

When I’m stuck in mathematics I always rely on my peers of teachers. For me, I can’t learn math through something like Khan Academy or online videos. I must have someone be there and teach me! I like to ask questions on the spot anyway.

My biggest skill is once I understand a concept, all that’s left is just to practice and practice. I’ll be able to finish the job easy. However, it takes me a while to actually understand the concept before I get to that level.

I want my math teacher to know he’s cool and I hope his leg gets better.