Project Week Group 45 Cebu – Initial Reflection

As Project week Group 45 we got approved for our trip to Cebu in the Philippines. We bought our tickets 2 weeks ago, booked our hotel last week and now we are organising the logistics for the airport and planning where we will be eating and buying our sim cards on the first day upon arrival. Moreover we need to sort out our budget in terms of food and the restaurants we will eat at either near the service provider or near the hotel. In season 4 we have planned everything so far and only small logistics problems need to be sorted out like sim cards and food and snacks. We also managed to find a 24 hour clinic in order to get any necessary supplies during our trip

EE Day Reflection

The one thing I’ve learnt is the importance of the analysis of secondary and primary data as a foundation for writing the business management essay. Furthermore, I have learnt how to cite MLA format and find  resources to enhance the depth of my essay on the ethics and CSR of a business. I am currently proud of the secondary research that I have currently have. From  sales reports, to proof of CSR activities and product testing and marketing. All I have to do know is to analyse and link the context of my essay with the syllabus statements and business tools in order to draw conclusions and start writing my essay. Besides this, I also have to conduct primary research by structuring and planning interviews with the various internal and external stakeholders of the food and beverage firm and get it approved and signed off by my teacher.

Evergreen Service -(LO3 Initiative) Season 3/4


This season I was nominated to become logistics officer of Evergreen. As a logistics officer, my job was to ensure that our service had the materials necessary for each session. The planners for that week had to inform me one week in advance about the materials that I needed to book through a form to the service office. Most of the time this planning was successful, however there were times where I did not manage to send the form on time because the planners handed in their request too late and therefore this lead to our service having no materials for that session. However to overcome unlikely scenarios like these we made sure that  our group always had a back-up emergency activity. This worked out well and we managed to have a fruitful session without the initial materials required.

In the future to prevent more situations like these to happen, we have assigned a chair of the service, Tommaso who will send out notifications and reminders every week to our group chat to make sure we order and plan the equipment on time

Model United Nations- (LO5 Collaboration) Season 3

This season I attended my first SEASAC conference at Stamford American International School in Singapore. I was yet again assigned as Head Of State of The Russian Federation in the Joint Crisis Committee. However, this time we had 5 cabinet members instead of 4 which meant that more collaboration and communication skills were needed in over to ensure domination in our committee. My team was composed of Tyler , Anushka, Roshan and Ronit. I have worked with Anushkha previously in the last MUN conference and therefore it was much easier to communicate with her as I felt more comfortable expressing my ideas to her. However, I found it particularly challenging working with Tyler and Roshan as my ideas seemed to always go against their way of thinking and thus this lead to lots of confrontation even before the conference started. Therefore I knew that I had to find a way to ensure that there was less arguments when we were discussing key topics ideas leading to the conference in a few weeks. Anuskha and I decided to split the team into pairs that had similar ideologies and opinions (besides me as I was the leader). So Roshan and Tyler would be grouped together and would have only once voice during discussion (one could talk at a time) and Ronit and Anushka in another.

This ideas was superb as we managed to have fruitful and productive preparation sessions the week before SEASAC. However during the conference itself, things were not as smooth as expected and a lack of communication and maturity in some of our cabinet members lead to a huge dispute in the middle of committee session and thus leading to our MUN supervisor escorting Tyler out of the room for his behaviour. It was a huge loss for us as this meant we had to debate with 4 members on the team and our morale was pretty low at that point. However, during break I brought the team together and gave them a speech about how this was perhaps our very last SEASAC or conference and that we needed to show that our school was amongst the top debate teams in Singapore. Our goal was to win award in every committee and our school did just that and although I did not manage to win Best Delegate, I was happy enough to earn Most Diplomatic Delegate considering the circumstances we were in. In the future I would like to elaborate more on emergency plans for scenarios like these as I did not expect a cabinet member to lose his temper in the middle of committee and it was an embarrassing representation of not only ourselves but our school but nevertheless this was redeemed when our school won the most awards  (12 of them) out of 6 international schools to win SEASAC!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu- LO2 (Challenge)Season 3/4

This season of BJJ was probably the most challenging and rewarding at the same time. Early this year I received my first stripe promotion after training for 5 months. It was a great feeling and it felt like all my hard work had paid off. However this feeling slowly eroded away as I found it very difficult to balance my study schedule and my training slots. I tried to train at least 3 times a week for around 2/3 hours each session, but this mostly resulted in having only a mere 6 hours of sleep per night and a minimum amount of work done. It was a huge risk for me to keep training at this pace and I knew that sooner or later it would affect my grades. Therefore to overcome this challenge and to make sure I could balance both school work and training, I revamped my whole daily routine. I decided that I needed to become more productive so I could free up some extra time to train. Thus, I used my 2 frees on Monday to complete as much work as possible for the week ahead, and therefore would allow me to train both on Sunday and Tuesday as there would be less work (only 2 blocks on Monday and all homework completed for Tuesday). Furthermore, I made sure that the moment I came home I completed an hour or two of homework so that I could proceed to go to train right after. This method worked very well and I managed to get decent/good grades and at the same time maximise my training.

The second challenge that I faced was my first national competition. I was due to compete in March but only signing up for the competition last minute, it only gave me 2 weeks to make weight and train. This was extremely had for me because I had little time to make sure I was dieting properly in order to make weight for Featherweight Juveniles Division. Unfortunately at the time I was 65 kg and needed to cut to 60 kg in 2 weeks which was unhealthy for a teen like me and would most likely make me much weaker. Therefore I decided to fight in the open weight and therefore I did not have to worry about my weight but instead focus on strategies and techniques to fight bigger and smaller opponents. Fast forward to two weeks later I found myself fighting against both types of opponents. It was a huge risk for my to participate because of the fear of the fear of getting injured in such a crucial time in the academic year. However I knew that I had to take a risk in order to undertake a new challenge which I know I will learn a lot from…

I received Silver in my first ever tournament. It was an amazing experience getting second at nationals and at the same time overcoming the challenge of balancing my training and my school life. In the future I would like to approach this type of challenge in the same way as I feel that it is the method that has worked best for me and my personal growth and development


EE First Reflection

Since the beginning I knew that I wanted to take on a Business Management EE. Business is a subject that holds a very important place in my heart and it is one of the first subjects I picked in the IB. My EE  topic will focus on product innovation and CSR of a food and beverage company called URC.  My first concern was finding data that would be pertinent and effective to use. Since my dad has access to all the data, the challenge was to pick out the evidence that would help further develop my essay and thus I will have to approach my EE supervisor time to time to ask for advice on the pieces of evidence that I will include. Furthermore, the discussion has helped me get a clearer direction of how to start my essay and I cannot wait to start!

Evergreen Service -(LO3 Initiative) Season 2

This season we had to delve further into our planning to make sure we did not have too many activities during the service period. Therefore instead of putting 5-6 different activities we decided to do 2-3 that we knew were going to improve the elderly’s motor skills, communication skills and of course improve their wellbeing 🙂 We used karaoke, jenga and percussion as we felt this would fully benefit the elderly. Furthermore, we had some problems executing these plans as at times we did not reserve the jenga sets therefore we could not use them as other service groups have booked them and this resulted in us using our other activities as plan Bs. We managed to overcome this challenge by sending weekly reminders to our group leaders to book the materials we needed for our service. We plan to keep the plans the same way in the future unless some unforeseen circumstance were to occur.

French B Aid Sessions – (LO1 Awareness) Season 2

This season was quite similar to the first, I managed to yet again identify my strengths and weakneses and areas for growth by participating in this activity. Firstly, I have discovered a new strength of mine this season which is teaching. I have never realised this until teaching others came naturally to me and with ease and little preparation I was able to give superb tips, tricks and lessons to the students. After 4 sessions Mrs.Veron told me that one of the students wanted to thank me for the material that I have provided as it helped him achieve higher scores in their french orals. This thus increased my confidence not only in my teaching ability but in my french ability to spot out mistakes from other students. Although I discovered this strength of mine, I also found a few weaknesess. One of the main things that I struggled with was perhaps time management. Since we are only two students leading this service, we had to keep track of how much time we spent per student, I had to make sure that I did not go overtime otherwise other students would not have time to talk to me. This occured a few times where I deled too deep into my teaching that I did not realised that I went 5 minutes overtime, therefore this is one of the areas I want to improve for season 3 by putting a timer on my phone or asking my other service partner to remind me to finish teaching.

Leher GC -(LO6 Global Value) (LO2 Challenge) Season 2

This season Leher is going through a whole re-structuring process in terms of the positions and roles of the GC. This season was quite challenging for us as we needed to take action and implement quick changes to our action plan for 2018 or our global concern would risk getting shut down by the school’s service office. Thankfully, with the new roles assigned we managed to rebuild our GC by planning on different ways that we could potentially raise funds from various events. We are currently finalising our football event that is set to take place before the Chiense New Year break. I m currently working with the Enterprise innovation team in order to get merchandise and shirts for our GC to wear. Since Leher is a football global concern I will be trying to find designs which incorporate both the football aspect as well as the service aspect in order to fully raise awareness abour our GC. Furthermore, participating in this has helped me become a more hardworking,caring and open-minded person as I am expanding my knowledge about the different issues that are currently occuring around the world and doing my best to take action. Throughout this whole season, I have developed various different skills such as leadership, collaboration, listening and communication skils which were esstential to ensure that our group worked productively in order to achieve our goals for this season.

Model United Nations- (LO2 Challenge) (LO5 Collaboration) (LO7 Ethics) Season 2

This season I attended my second MUNOFS and Joint Crisis Committee conference and I was assigned the role of Head of State of the DPRK which is one of the hardest positions in MUN as you have to find a way to fill the shoes of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Being Head of State has lots of responsibilities. Firstly you are the leader of a team of 4 cabinet members and thus this requires expertise in communication, collaboration and leadership. At first it was challenging to manage a team of 4 people who have no experience in the Joint Crisis Committee, and therefore I had to patiently explain the core system of the Crisis Committee as well collaborate with them in order make sure that we succeed during MUNOFS. Our goal was to be able to convince the house that the DPRK was a nation that has the right to hold possession of nuclear weapons in the sole purpose of survival and defence. This was a huge challenge of course and a lot of club sessions, preparation and discussion was needed in order to find factual evidence to back-up our statements, however with our efficient work ethic, we managed to pull through and create a solid case study for the main conference. However, we started off the conference very slow as we had lots of small scale arguments that often escalated to a point where we did not feel that we were part of a team but rather two separate nations. Thankfully, I managed to resolve these issues by having individual discussions with every member in order to calm them and make them compromise for the benefit of the whole cabinet.

Overall, all this time invested into collaboration and communication management paid off as we managed to convince every nation that we were a nuclear powerhouse and I got voted Best Delegate in this year’s MUNOFS 2017 Joint Crisis Committee 🙂