First IFP Conference

IFP (Initiative for Peace) is an activity that students can join to learn more about how peace can be established as well as ways to lead a conference which we all will have a chance to go to a former-conflict country to build connections between youths there for a more peaceful and sustainable future.

On last Sunday, we had a conference at Dover about different themes such as different types of discrimination, violence, how media influence our identity… It was such an amazing experience, and it was not something surprising to me. I used to go to this type of IFP conferences for the past 2 years, and it was so memorable. Again, this one too never fail to leave such deep impressions. It’s the first time that we EAST are meeting DOVER people. Even though, there are still a slight separation between us, but during different activities, we all share our opinions and listening to each others respectfully, which is very nice! This is why I like IFP, it’s kind of in a way forces everyone to bring their best of themselves out and interact with others! In my opinion, everyone’s best is more than enough to make peace!

Everyone was so encouraging, and supportive which makes the conference a safe place to share an opinion in which I think is the most important aspect to focus on now. Only when we are finding peace and able to communicate among ourselves in our community first (EAST and DOVER), then we can think about leading a conference helping others to find peace within their community.

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