Initial EE Reflection

I’m writing my EE in physics on the relationship between the temperature change and the surface tension of water. I plan to work out the value of the surface tension by using the Tate’s Law. What I found difficult is that the original Tate’s Law doesn’t have the variable (f) in its equation, however only later that this variable is introduced into the equation. Originally, this is a characteristic value given to the stalagmometer, an equipment used to measure the surface tension. However, I’m not using this equipment, I’m using a simple burette, and I need to find the value “f” for this. I can’t just search up the literature value for this since burettes are not usually used for this Tate’s equation. Hence, this has been stressful during the research process. So, my plan is to do more research on this, and if I am stuck, I shall approach my EE supervisor for advice and move on from that.

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Khantey Lim

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2 thoughts on “Initial EE Reflection

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for posting your reflection.
    Are you on track to have your 1000 words submitted for 18 May 2018? Will you be meeting with your supervisor again between now and then?
    In future, please place the word count of your reflection in brackets at the end of your paragraph.
    Do let me or your supervisor know if you have any questions.

    Good luck!

    Queen EE

    1. Hello Ms. Ashton,

      Yes, I think I am okay with the 1000 words on next Friday. I think I will meet my supervisor again next week on Thursday to continue my experiment. And by the way, does every reflection has to be within 160 words, because I wrote my EE day reflection and I think I wrote definitely more than 160 words.

      Thank you,

      Khantey Lim

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