English First FOA

Hello there! As far as I know, I’ve always been in English B (3 years). So for all this time, I always feel that my English is not as good as others, and I kind of accept that, too. I just admire anybody who uses such big words. I look at them in awe. Still now, I have so much appreciations to those who takes English HL Lit, because I just never imagine myself doing it.

Well, anyway, this year, the first IB year, I am in English A. To be honest, I was really scared in the end of last year when choosing the subject and the beginning of this year. I am afraid that I am not good enough. And you know, confidence is a real big factor for you to succeed sometimes. However, as I started couple of the classes, I gained confidence, I started to joke around which makes myself comfortable, which allows me to collaborate with the class quite well. It’s like a chain of reaction. And not to mention my English teacher, she’s really helpful. I am very glad I am in her class. I think she’s going to save my next 2 years in English.

So now, we get to the main idea of this post. I just had my first FOA ( Further Oral Assessment ). And I have to say I feel so good about it! I mean if there is one thing that I am confident in in English is presentation, debating or just any kind of public speaking. I just love it! I almost feel like I can control every situations and emotions in split seconds with just my speaking and body language! I mean I used to have my bad ones too. But you know, the main point of this post is that I feel satisfied with my first English FOA! And I hope that this would lead to even better results in the future.

Overall, I would love to improve in general as public speaker and as a writer. By the way, this is the link to my presentation (just for the evidence: too bad I didn’t record it)! Colloquial Singaporean English