Initial Thoughts on Volleyball A team

At the beginning of the year when I played just for fun with my friends, I know that my Volleyball skills improve and yet I don’t know to what level yet. Therefore, after the try-outs, I sadly told my friend that I’d be in C team or none at all as I wanted to be at least in B team. However, interestingly, that evening, I got the email saying that I was in the A team. I was bewildered. I mean I was shocked, till the point I sent an email to the coaches asking whether they’ve mistaken. However, they replied that they didn’t. I mean at some points, I was expecting it, too but as I was in C team last year, the hope was thin.

During the first few trainings, I was very awkward, I was conscious of what people think of me, and I didn’t do as well as I wanted it to be. Hence, I went back and took some time alone and reflected about this. I told myself, the coach chose me for a reason, and the least I could do is to feel confident in training, for god’s sake. So, I told myself that I am going to earnestly train with a rookie’s mindset. I may not be the best yet, but I’m definitely not like the rest. I’ll slowly crawl towards perfection.

After that, I think I’ve open myself more to my teammates, my coaches and especially to my own mistakes. Therefore, the training has become a time I was waiting to attend during the day. And I hope with this progress, I could keep improving.


2nd EE Interim Reflection

In the beginning of the experiment, I found it hard to do the experiments in a controlled environment, as it requires me to pick up the test tubes from the water bath, and immediately pour it into the syringe. Sometimes the water pour out and on to the beaker beforehand, which can eventually cause the inaccuracy of the results. It became a nuisance at one point as I have to keep repeating the experiment for that particular point again and again and I just keep finding more mistakes.

Then, I realised the best possible way is to sit down, take a break, and write down the precise method of what I think would work in a google doc. Then, I just did the experiments calmly just like how I described it in the doc, and I can notice that the data that I collected was more credible and the process of the experiment is less stressful.

Dear Mentor (IFP)

Dear Mentor Group,

Here’s what we should do during Tuesday. The text that we should do is the Rumi’s poem called “The Guest House”. With this poem, we can discuss how ones can deal with unhappy emotions in order to maintain a healthy mentality. We can consider some questions like when you feel sad, do you think you have someone to talk to or is the environment you are in open enough to discuss your inner emotions…

Moreover, we can also consider activities such as Kahoot, sit in a circle and share feelings… to even make this session deeper. I think this matters, because I think ones should be able to express their sadness openly when they want to. It affects on their well being, how one perform in other areas of academics and lifestyles. Hence, we need to consider this problem seriously to make sure that everyone can feel like they have a platform to say what they want and when to express their feelings. Ultimately, I think this can help fight against future depression and suicides.

Thank you!


Hello there everyone! So, this will be my official blogging site from now on. I am actually quite happy about this because I’ve been writing a few articles recently about things that I’m suddenly interested in and I was so excited to share with everyone but it didn’t seem like a good idea to post a 2000-words-writing on Facebook. Hence, I was thinking of creating my own blog and post those articles but, there never seems to have a chance to. However since now that the school has created an account for me, I will try my best to follow-up with this blog and share with everyone of what I’ve been up to on my daily basis. I am looking forward to sharing some thoughts with all of you! See you~