Paper 1 and HL Essay Reflection

Upon writing my practice paper 1, I got to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with my work because it is not a strong representation of my learning and capabilities. Although, I was provided an insights on areas of improvement, such where given in the form of questions:

How might you unpack the examples provided to expand on layers of meaning and deeper insights?

In order to unpack examples, I will follow the structure of point, evidence, analysis, although add an additional step to connect it to my global issue and most importantly my thesis strand. I have to zoom out of precise details and connect to overarching themes and ideas, while maintaining purpose and focusing on my proven point.

How might you use more precise terminology and avoid simple description?

I can review the slide deck and learn relevant terminology in relation to every type of text studied. I cant use generalised terms, instead I have to use specific and precise wording to avoid simple description. My language should be very clear, effective, carefully chosen and precise, with a high degree of accuracy in grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction; register and style are effective and

appropriate to the task.

Relating it back to my HL Essay: How does Kawabata present shifts in cultural values throughout generations?

English Practice IO

• Feedback, thoughts, realisations

Through preparation and thorough analysis, I felt before the IO that it would go with ease. When starting talking in the practice on camera, all of my thoughts disappeared and I started saying things that I myself did not even agree with. During the language Oral in IGCSE I was allowed to walk around the room, which allowed me to relieve stress and focus on what I am talking about. Unfortunately, I realised that due to my stress and overthinking, I stutter and forger not only the foundational things and basics, I loose track of the plan that I had laid out for myself. 

• Exploring perspectives – how my practice IO texts might be similar or contrasting to any of the texts discussed in class? This IO was quite different compared to class discussions because have to open and explore a topic not discussed prior in class with examples to support our points for proof. It was quite difficult to use a comic as a literary piece because instead of comparing two polar opposite texts, I was comparing to images and started focusing on the visual rather then the lexical points.

• Reflect – on my strengths and weakness

In the future, I would like to practise in front of people and layout a better plan for myself so that I will be able to continue my discussion even through the possibility of stress and stuttering.

Norma’s meeting with Mr Hands in Chapter 13

Carefully read and annotate Norma’s meeting with Mr Hands in Chapter 13 (pg 209-229)

How does Rawle create tension in this chapter?


– The description of Mr Hands and his home.

The name of Mr Hands describes his licentious, groping nature. In fact, the description of Norma entering Mr Hands’ building, going up the stairs, find his flat and going inside, takes up more than 4 pages; a lot of space and time for an action that could take just a few seconds and and maybe a paragraph of words.The description of the house could also reinforce gender stereotypes in the novel as the house run by women such as Norma and Mary are well kept but for a bachelor such as Mr Hands, the lack a feminine presence takes away any attempt to keep the house a home. Norma wishes to have her photograph taken by a “Mr. Hands,” a charlatan that would prove to be villainous. In rebuffing Hands’ predatory advances during a photo-shoot, Norma bludgeons him on the head with a high-heel shoe and flees, thinking that she murdered him. But Hands eventually returns, as if from the dead, to ruin the day.Graham Rowle gives the readers a chance to unpack possible deeper meanings of Mr Hands intentions, the characteristics of the unreliable narrator and the underlying tragedy and threat masked by comedy in the extract.

  • On occasion, the text gets in the way of the narrative. For example, on page 319, when the suspense is high and we are not sure if Mr. Hands is indeed dead, we observe a boy carrying Sugar Puffs cereal under his arm. This is followed by, “Sugar Puffs are the tasty breakfast treat made from crisp wheat puffs glistening with sugar and golden honey! Energizing honey — to give kids extra ‘go’!”

– Norma’s narrative voice & the use of irony

Although Norma feels so pleased when the stranger complimented her and without knowing him well enough she was courageous to stay and chat with him. “Page 62 “ i began blushing and threw up my hands with a little tinkling, knowledgeable laugh” “ Hans went up to order our tea while I sat down near the window….”. Norma’s voice, is skeptical from the beginning of the chapter and this can be observed from the fact that she cannot find the right name of Mr Hands on the door as what she should be finding wherein she slowly starts doubting herself.


Task 4 Homework English Woman’s World

•What prompts Roy to admit that he must ‘give up’ Norma? Why does he find it so hard to do?  Giving the clothes away and admiring that they are not hit make it hard for roy to give up on Norma. During the police assault Roy doesn’t admit to the clothes being his until being pressured and for a minute he got to step out of his shoes and realise that they are actually not his, but his sisters that has passed away as a young girl.

•Focus on the passage where Norma explains the relationship between her and Roy. In your own words, explain how Roy’s ‘alter-ego’ came to be, and why Mary has tolerated it. Roy has dressed as Norma for many years, of his own volition. Can you explain why this incident with the policemen is so traumatic? – Essentially, Roy dressing up as Norma is in result of an incident that happened when he was younger, and an extremely personal and bitter sweet moment for him, and for the interactions with the police who essentially are representative of society to treat him like so, essentially feels like society is having a go at him. Mary’s support for Roy, is essential for him as she is the only one who more or less tolerates his behaviour and actions, however following society is not fully onboard with Roy continuing dressing up as Norma.

•Graham Rawle has been criticised for revealing the true identity of Norma so explicitly at this point in the novel. Do you think he was right to do so? – At this point in the novel I think that is right that Graham Rawle has started to reveal the true identity of Norma, in order to identify the essential problem or struggle which is arguably unclear throughout the novel until these reveals.

If the police are representative of law, order and authority, what does their behaviour suggest about society’s attitudes to gender? – Through the attitude of the police, who are representative of law, order and authority, it is safe to conclude that the police represent society and the almost distaste for people such as Roy. Through this we can identify the social hierarchy as well as gender roles and expectations.

Notes on Paper 1 English

Information on Paper 1 – 35% of Final Grade

  • Two texts provided. We need to answer two questions, write separate essays for both – 2h15
  • Criteria is out of 40 
    • Criteria A – Understanding and Interpretation – 5 marks
      • The analysis of the text should show an understanding of the text’s purpose, the target audience, and its context (when appropriate) in relation to the question being asked. One’s analysis of the text needs to be supported by relevant examples from the text.
    • Criteria B – Analysis & Evaluation – 5 marks
      • The analysis of the text must show how a writer’s choices shape meaning. A good analysis comments on effects of these features on its target audience in relation to the purpose(s) of the text. A focus on the guiding question (a technical or formal aspect of the text) is important here. 
    • Criteria C – Focus & organisation – 5 marks
      • The analysis must contain coherent arguments that are well-developed. The analysis must be organized effectively.
    • Criteria D – Language – 5 marks 
      • The language of the analysis must be clear, varied and accurate. The register of the analysis must be appropriate, meaning it contains formal sentence structure, good choice of words, and effective terminology.
  • Appeal, electronic text, manifest, pastiche, screenplay, 

Discuss how the language features, both written and visual, aim to persuade readers of this advertisement to think and behave. 

Guiding question: Discuss how the language features, both written and visual, aim to persuade readers of this advertisement to think and behave. 


The text was produced in 1996, this plays an important role in interpreting the techniques used by the author. This is because in 1996 there was a clear gender imbalance, favouring the man. The language presented shows evidence of the patriarchal system of the entertainment industry. The ‘Passive Man’s Guide to Seduction’ is a book, which gives an informal magazine article aimed to make the reader believe that the advice provided is factual suggesting that the reader’s current attitude to ‘picking up’ women is incorrect. Provoking customers/readers to purchase the book. The article appeals mainly to single middle-aged men who can influence the purchasing of the book to their peers, increasing the validity of the article. The article is meant for middle-aged single men, however, due to it’s informal language and punctuation, the article suggests it is also intended for older males. 


What most appeals to men of the article are the way the author writes and his literary choices. If his purpose is to get the attention of as many people as possible, in order to do that, he has to write about something that can actually catch the public’s mind, and what better topic than an extract of a guide book that tells men how to attract women. If you join the topic with a clear, firm and secure way of writing, you’ll attract men as mosquitos with honey. All the things said by the author wander around one of the biggest generalizations made in history, in which case involves women, besides, how could this advertisement be effective without a little of stereotype; when men see “all women”, this makes them think that they have a bigger chance out there of getting one of those cheap objects that the author keep talking about. If we join the generalization, all the stereotypes and the portrayal made about women, we get a picture of a woman as a contest winning prize, as if the pleasure for men is an object. There is a repetition of exclamation marks in heading throughout the text giving the appearance that the author is giving an unbelievable offer to the primary audience. The words “Absolutely nothing” have been capitalised and this given the impression that women can be easy targets therefore a man is not required to put any effort in. Once again, the status of women is defined and they are conformed to stereotypical concerns and work that have been defined by such texts. The image shows the man, relaxed and almost unmotivated, thus the image provides sufficient evidence to the reader that these statements are true. and as this attitude in males specifically in this period of time with its social norms are not as mentioned in the advert, the reader is more inclined to believe it and furthermore persuaded to find out more, doing so by buying the book. Furthermore, another aspect that tempts the reader to take action in buying the book. The messages within the text are insightful and are interesting to any male readers such as “Franklin taps the psyche… and shows… why attracting women has never been easier.”Creating the illusion of the ease that these tips and tricks will provide. 

Service Season 1 Reflection CAS

Before signing up to this service, I Safety is a priority, so the coaching must be done in a structured manner with clear ground rules. Students should be reasonably proficient in gymnastics or Parkour. A qualified gymnastics coach will be present – and likewise a staff member from Gracehaven – but students will manage the activity. “This is something very new to me and it has been an amazing experience so far. I’ve dealt and experienced services with younger children but this is extraordinary and new. Being in the gymnasium and teaching younger kids allows us to not only enjoy our time with the kids but to learn things ourselves like safety in a gymnasium, being respectful to others and more.”

The lower level boys not just to compete and achieve their best, but also to interact with and foster new friendships with their peers at Dover Campus. Being a lower level competition with UWCSEA as our only competitor, the atmosphere was less stressful resulting in the boys enjoying and having lots of fun competing. This comaraderie will help them to look forward to competing and to encourage one another in the years ahead. I will recommend that our next group of young gymnasts compete as well. I would answer no, being able to do a flip or a roll is not going to help them get ahead in school or in work. What will help them is the multitude of skills, both physical skills for a healthy lifestyle and personal skills to succeed in school and work, learned from doing gymnastics.

SEASAC Volleyball CAS Reflection

Tournaments are always an opportunity for growth. Pack a lot of games into a short period of time and it’s inevitable that players walk away from the weekend stronger than when they began. This weekend was no different. Travelling overseas to Bangkok for this tournament meant that the girls volleyball team was able to play unfamiliar, high calibre teams. This was excellent preparation for the upcoming Division I SEASAC tournament where the girls will be vying for a spot in the following years tournament.

Although the Dragons’ girls volleyball team was hindered with a lack of depth on the bench this weekend, they played with determination and demonstrated a lot of character. With only two substitutes, the athletes were sometimes thrown into situations that they had to make the best of. The weekend was off to a challenging start with two losses on Friday. A win on Saturday morning placed the girls third in their pool. They played for a spot in the consolation finals, and won their way to 3-0 on Saturday, placing fifth overall.The IVC U16 competition was an exciting and great learning experience for both the players and the coaches. Every team was playing with full of spirit and energy from the start till the end. UWCSEA East girls showed great resilience, attitude and passion for the game. With a strong team spirit and teamwork, they won 2 out of 3 games in the group stage and was qualified for the semi-finals. Whilst facing a strong team, the girls never backed down or lost their game spirit, they fought hard with every single point and they strived to achieve as much as they can.

Though we lost in the semis, this experience enabled the girls to grow a lot during the game, every player managed to step-up in their own performance throughout the game and that’s an amazing feat. In the finals, the girls finished 4th in the IVC U16 competition as played their hardest and both teams displayed an exciting and nail-biting game with a final set score of 1:2.

Culturama CAS Reflection Season 1

Culturama 2019 is a one of a kind expirience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Although unquestionably a vital component, CultuRama is purposefully not just a dance show accompanied with food and musical performances. On the Monday leading up to the event, preparation became apparent to all members of our campus as different flags were hung around the plaza, and mentor-group designed posters of foreign cultures were posted on the pillars.

Everyone was encouraged to pinpoint their origins on a huge map near the library, and on the Friday, to wear a friends’ national costume. In the past months we have witnessed a rise in school-spirit, and we hope to have been able to establish a long-lasting tradition of celebrating our unique diversity. The 200 students participating in the first ever CultuRama, during incredible moments of exhausting practice have been exposed to movements, melodies and customs from various corners of the world through art. Dance leaders choreographed, and taught peers moves from Korea, Peru, Japan, Chile, Indonesia, USA, China, India, Latin America, Spain, the Middle East and Ghana. Participants united in their attempt to balance homework and other activities with practices in the mornings (some as early as 6.30!), lunch breaks, long afternoons and often weekends. The word ‘CultuRama’ has become an unexplainably complex term for us; though just a single word, it fuses together many unforgettable moments: laughs, stressful instances of overcoming chaos, nerve-wracking anxiety, and joyful smiles.

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