Paper 1 and HL Essay Reflection

Upon writing my practice paper 1, I got to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with my work because it is not a strong representation of my learning and capabilities. Although, I was provided an insights on areas of improvement, such where given in the form of questions:

How might you unpack the examples provided to expand on layers of meaning and deeper insights?

In order to unpack examples, I will follow the structure of point, evidence, analysis, although add an additional step to connect it to my global issue and most importantly my thesis strand. I have to zoom out of precise details and connect to overarching themes and ideas, while maintaining purpose and focusing on my proven point.

How might you use more precise terminology and avoid simple description?

I can review the slide deck and learn relevant terminology in relation to every type of text studied. I cant use generalised terms, instead I have to use specific and precise wording to avoid simple description. My language should be very clear, effective, carefully chosen and precise, with a high degree of accuracy in grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction; register and style are effective and

appropriate to the task.

Relating it back to my HL Essay: How does Kawabata present shifts in cultural values throughout generations?

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