This is an article we read in English class.

At first, the author accepted that she has to learn English. She wants fit in. She let go of of her culture, believing that it would help her belong, survive in this unfamiliar country.  Now, she realizes that there shouldn’t be a ‘right’ way to speak English. So what if she has an accent? She believes that this is language assimilation- and that she shouldn’t be getting less privileges and rights because of her origin or because she speaks differently.

The author’s wordings were quite strong, stating her opinions more instead of asking questions. Connecting problems in the world to her own story. I agree with her on some degree. Yes, one should learn a country’s language before moving there as a ‘politeness’, but you shouldn’t be judging and discriminating against immigrants, they have gone through a lot to learn your language and understand your culture. They have to give up parts of their own cultures in able to survive in this world.  They should get the same right every human being deserve.


(written in 2018)

Foundational Story (English)

The story of Krishna has been revisioned and adapted into many different TV shows, movies, music, etc. For example, the children’s show: ‘Little Krishna’ is adapted from the story of Krishna’s childhood. There are also multiple movies like ‘Raajneeti’ and ‘OMG- Oh My God!’ relating to Krishna. There are even Bollywood songs describing or revisioning Krishna’s story.

In Hindi cultures, the story of Krishna and his lover, Radha, has even become a symbol of love in the modern world. For example, in the song Radha, from the movie ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, which has nothing to do with Krishna, it compares the two lover’s relationship to Krishna and Radha’s relationship, portraying it as an ideal instead of an event.

Krishna’s story has became an important part of the Hindi culture.

(Credit to Reesa- my partner.)

(written in 2018)

長江 and the Three Gorges Dams

Yangtze, or Chang Jiang river, is the longest river in Asia, and the third longest river in the world. And, the world largest dam, the Three Gorges dam, is located on Yangtze. The Three Gorges dam is a controversial topic. It was built for many reasons, some of them being to produce HEP or to control the amount of water allowed through to prevent huge floods.

Yet, there were still smaller floods going on around the Yangtze river. Ever since the dam was built, the water quality of the Yangtze reduced, and caused the water level to rise and fluctuate dramatically, therefore damaging the banks- landslides are happening, river and coastal erosion increasing, damaging houses and forcing people to move. The beauty of the Yangtze river was long gone. It is even believed that the Chinese river dolphin went extinct in 2006 due to the silt and poor quality of the water.

Despite the problems the Dam has brought to China, its advantages cannot be ignored. As you probably know, China’s air quality is not the best. Most of it was caused by the massive use of fossil fuels, especially coal. However, the Three Gorges Dam is, after all, a Hydroelectric power station. The amount of Hydroelectric power (HEP) produced form the dam is massive, providing power for 1/3 of the households in China. This is equal to burning 50 million tonnes of raw coal per year. China no longer depends heavily on burning coal, thereby reducing its great amount of CO2 emissions.

In conclusion, I think that building the Three Gorges Dam was worth it. Global warming is a huge problem in the world, and China is one of its worst accomplices (being the country that produces the most CO2 emissions). As the Dam continue to do their jobs and reduce the use of fossil fuels in China, China can finally retire from its heavy throne of emitting the most CO2 and help the cause of slowing down Global warming. However, I also believe that the government should do much more to help the people who are constantly living in fear of landslides and collapsing houses, and take much more care of the people living in the danger. If the government want to make the project of the Three Gorges Dam work, they will have to do much more to protect their people.

Singapore’s Law

Most laws state that 18 is the age you become an adult and obtain your own freedom. But did you know that in Singapore, you only need to be 16 to give consent to have sex? (it’s not tabooed)

My partner and I believe that the age of consent is 16 in Singapore because even if most laws are 18, minors may already participate in sexual intercourse. Some people mature at 16 anyway, so it makes the government’s job harder. The law is flexible because people mature at different ages and that’s why some people do it younger.  This law prevents older people from having sex with minors too.

Different countries have different laws about consent and the majority of age consent is 14 to 16 around the world.

Furthermore, traditionally, women were expected to marry at a very young age, therefore may be expected to reproduce at a younger age. Even if this is not a common norm in the present day, some laws may have not changed since then. Though that is probably not a valid argument, people nowadays have a choice as to when they want to have sex. They are not forced to do anything at an early age or against their will.

In our opinion,  the consent age is 16 because our current generation has different views on the idea of consent and sex than the generation before us.

Does sugar really make children Hyperactive?


According to BBC and various other websites, this myth has been busted. Yes, it’s a myth, and it’s not true. It has been scientifically proven that sugar does not make children hyperactive. So, please stop assuming kids get hyper at party because they ate too much sugary things. Also, artificial sweetener is different from sugar!

Furthermore, in an experiment, when the mothers think that their kids had consumed sugar, they stayed closer to their kids and watched them more. So, the sugar changed the mothers’ behaviour instead of the children’s.

Researchers are researching about to correlation between sugar and ADHD, but it is still not proven.

In conclusion, over-excitement is not an affect of sugar. But, remember, sugar can cause other problems too!

So, people, stop blaming on sugar when your kid’s giggling and shrieking is getting annoyingly loud. No one to blame this time!




A simple marker, makes a simple doodle. It looks nice, a simple sketch. But it’s quite, ordinary. But Christoph Nienmann, he added a twist, to the simple sketches. A paint brush as a dress, crumpled papers as flowers. Using the magic of photography, a piece of artwork is born. All you have to do is add a sprinkle of creativity, and every and any everyday things can be made into art.

So, you see, art isn’t something you can exactly define. There is no limitation to art. Your imagination is infinite. Think outside the box, they say. Inspirations will come- notice the little things in life, and the art within everything. You will find that, every thing, has its own beauty.