Foundational Story (English)

The story of Krishna has been revisioned and adapted into many different TV shows, movies, music, etc. For example, the children’s show: ‘Little Krishna’ is adapted from the story of Krishna’s childhood. There are also multiple movies like ‘Raajneeti’ and ‘OMG- Oh My God!’ relating to Krishna. There are even Bollywood songs describing or revisioning Krishna’s story.

In Hindi cultures, the story of Krishna and his lover, Radha, has even become a symbol of love in the modern world. For example, in the song Radha, from the movie ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, which has nothing to do with Krishna, it compares the two lover’s relationship to Krishna and Radha’s relationship, portraying it as an ideal instead of an event.

Krishna’s story has became an important part of the Hindi culture.

(Credit to Reesa- my partner.)

(written in 2018)

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