Social Media

Social media.

Something that almost everybody around me has. Often, when someone takes out their phone, it’s to use social media. I’ll take a sneak peek at their screens, and there we go. Instagram. Pictures and captions flooding the screen, scrolling down and down and down… it seems never-ending. The scroll. Slide down the screen, double tap. Slide, tap tap. Slide, tap tap. Only occasionally taking more than two seconds to look at the post to genuinely process and appreciate whatever it is. Occasionally letting out a quick laugh from a joke or a meme or a silly post from a friend. But really, it’s all just slide, tap tap. Slide, tap tap. A repetitive motion that seems quite so meaningless. Most of the time, I don’t see a smile on their faces when they scroll.

I don’t really see the point of having Instagram if all we’re going to see and post are social lives that I don’t necessarily have. FOMO sounds ridiculous in my ears- fear of missing out?? If people don’t invite you to a party or a meetup, fine. They don’t like you, they might’ve just simply forgot. Get over it. You’re scared that you don’t know what is happening in other people lives? That’s why we talk to our friends. Using words.

It all sounds very simple when I say it like that, but to some people, it’s complicated.


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