Life in the World Around Us and its Multiple Forms

Green is a colour seen throughout nature. On the leaves of trees, on the grass below, on the crystals underground, and on our minds and wallets. Deforestation has greatly affected the world around us. Species being thrown out of homes in place for ours. We, humans, have kicked out so many animals out of their homes without remorse and when it happens to us, we are lost and incapable. We have kicked nature out and through global warming, nature is kicking us out.

The Rainforest Restoration Project has stimulated the climate change activist within me. Whenever I hear remarks about climate change and its authenticity, I lose hope in the world. People can look but they don’t see. They don’t observe the world around them and make inferences, they don’t believe anything but themselves. Rainforest Restoration has helped give back to the world that has given me so much. It has given me itself to live in, its own being to consume and its life to live. We have been but pawns in the world around us, but the pawns are winning this chess match by murdering their own queen.

Trees have been a fundamental part of our ecosystem and life, without them half of our existence as we know it would not exist. They are intertwined with our being. It was always a joy working with trees. They are such intricate creatures, sturdy and resilient. Our greed for resources has forced these selfless peacefull beings out of existence. The world today begs me to ask a simple question: How many people does it take to destroy a planet? My guess: only one

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