Abstraction simplification exercise.

This was my attempt at explaining visually, the process of abstraction through the simplification of a bell pepper with a focus on line, shape and tone.
I completed the drawing task on an iPad Pro using  Procreate. I started by doing a quick pencil study of a cut bell pepper. I was then able to copy and paste this drawing and use it as the starting point for the next. Once I have completed the first drawing – from direct observation, I don’t look at the pepper again. Each drawing is an abstraction of the previous. I might focus on line, curved and straight, simplified shapes, tonal studies and more geometric simplifications.
Procreate also allows me the option to change drawing materials quickly and I’m able to explore the imagined form of my abstraction. There was a conscious choice not to use colour in this study. I wanted to focus on the shapes, line quality and eventual form.
These drawings offer the chance to create a range of artworks from pattern making with simplified shapes, to sculptural forms and painting. This is only the start of the process and the potential is there to take it a lot further.
It always amazes when you discover so much potential for the creation of artwork from a simple bell pepper study.
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