above/below the waterline 


race, apparence, age, style.


somewhat shy, somewhat outgoing, artsy, down to earth, previous schools, writing, graphic, music, family members, beliefs in politics/global issues. values in relationships, thinking style in arguments/academics.

personality types

speculating – likes to look at the big picture and the possibilities before acting.

how has this impacted your thinking when working in groups?

it is an ideal personality type for me as I believe that understanding the situation and the bigger picture without plunging in without thought is a better, more respectful and more mature way of handling group work and discussion inside or outside of school. I usually have a relatively dominant role in group work. As I believe I am able to give good advice and directions when in a problem or attempting to solve something.

Self talk 

with the ability to think and process situations with the accompaniment of positive self talk, I make it easier for myself to push through difficult situations instead of sinking within them and potentially making the issue worse for myself. For example, in a stressful time period. negative self talk will prevent me from making the best out of my overwhelming stress and using it for good. As I tend to overthink and derail through a path that isn’t necessarily positive. However, with positive intent in all my work and time, It will be easier to decrease high stress levels, thinking about the progressive and uplifting aspects.

Most important thing personally learnt so far?

social skills around large groups and getting to know new friends and classmate by putting myself out there more, with a better attempt to maintain positive thoughts around new and/or existing people without struggle.

during the break i am going to relax by hanging out more with people (friends and family) that are good for me and my wellbeing.

CAS challenges

What has been the biggest challenge within CAS so far?

Time management and being able to juggle all aspects of CAS, as I have discovered that my arts, service and Culurama fall on the same day, this might be overwhelming as days such as Tuesday I have nothing on. This might be seen as a challenge however, having everything on one day may allow a full day dedicated to academic workload.

Intro to language and literature

English Portfolio #1 2019

Relating to the literature aspect of this course, I aim to become better at structuring and organising my thoughts and evidence in essays with focus regarding topic sentences and themes. Additionally, I want to increase my reading level and frequency. For example, the topics of the books that relate to my interests outside my school academic subjects in order for my to expand my overall general knowledge. 

Being an international student and living in a cultured society with the added privilege of being able to travel to new places such as Greece and Japan, which are both places I have visited recently and are a common destination for me and my family. I want to allow myself to get a glimpse of new communities, how they function and how I might temporarily fit into their routine. Achieving this requires me to understand their history, religion(s), and language. Even though, I attempt to learn basic language before visiting a certain place and usually go to historical events during the trip, literature texts we study in class help me make a clear connection between certain unfamiliar cultures and my own personal and academic studies. For example, touring the Greek Acropolis and analysing the values and beliefs of the Greek mythology foundational story, Jason and the argonauts is one time where I was able to display knowledge about both factual history, as well as a culture’s literature and religious beliefs and myths. 



What aspects of CAS are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the creativity aspect of CAS, as I try to continue creativity at home, however, it can be hard with the focus of school work as a priority for me. With an activity focusing on my interests in the arts, I can grow and improve easier and quicker.

How might you plan your year of CAS in order to maintain balance?

Only focus on activities and services that run all year long, therefore, it is easier for me and less stressful half way through the year, as i will not have to choose and sign up for a new one. 

service reflection

Throughout the past years at UWCSEA, east campus I have had many different experiences with different services. I have switched between many to find what I enjoy most and I feel like I can make the biggest impact in.

The five stages of service are investigation, preparation, action, reflection, demonstration. These stages are a guide for what service means and how to get the most out of it. Other aspects include direct, indirect, advocacy and research.

I have participated in many services, for example, blue dragon, cancer awareness, circus club and many more. So far, the most enjoyable one would be the circus club, mainly because as I get to help others learn and develop new skills I get to do the same for myself.

Personal Statement


A goal that I want to achieve throughout the year is mainly to avoid procrastinating. This way I can manage my time well to get all my work done on time and effectively. I also want to achieve some physical activity goals. I want to improve in touch rugby and cross country. I want to improve, as in my fitness and strength in all of these activities. For my first goal, I can make lists and schedules to organise my time by knowing what I need to do each day. This way, I can know what I’ve done and what I need to do. For my physical activity goals, to improve I can work and train outside of lessons so I can be ahead of the lessons and I can make the most out of the classes. I will know if I have achieved the first goal if I have a clear change of the stress level from my school work. I can also know if I am improving and achieving this is by completing my homework for each day and also getting higher marks and scores on my work.

I will know if I am achieving my second goal, by always giving 100% in my trainings and also just noticing a change in my fitness and skills when I am participating in these sports.


So far throughout this year, I believe I have made effort to improve these drawbacks to my learning by following my goals and strategies in order to achieve them. Relating to the exams, I think it gave me a good look at what is coming in the future and more importantly, how I can prepare for them and other things like this. Recently, I have also been more aware of the things I need to do in order to achieve the things I want. I have also given myself motivation to work harder even on the things I don’t like. Overall, I think recently I have improved with my goals relating to procrastination and working hard, however, I still need to keep improving.


Relating to my physical goals. This year, i have participated in many activities, even ones that were new to me. For example, i tried out swimming, volleyball, softball, boxing and track and field. Then I would continue with my favourites, touch and cross country. Through these activities, I encountered many learning obstacles, which in the long-term gave me knowledge regarding my strengths and weaknesses.


My goals I will strive for throughout next year, include mainly around academics. As for this year, I have made progress and next year I want to keep it going. This year, I made a big achievement in Enterprise. At the start of the year, I wasn’t very good at it and wasn’t very confident. However, not long after I made more effort in my task 1, I then got a good score. From then on, I have gained so much confidence in the subject from that one good mark and I have kept it going. This gives me motivation to do the same with other subject which I struggle with. This is another goal I want to achieve throughout next year.


Living in Singapore has also given me different experience from my family and especially family back in my home country. Living with international people has also allowed me to learn about new cultures and nationalities, this has also came from going to UWC. I enjoy living in Singapore because of the safety and the people. I have met many friends but living in Singapore most of the times leds people out and back to their home country. Despite that, making news friends has also developed as a skill.


Deborah Emmanuel

Prison to poetry

How a passion transformed her lifestyle into something more and a sight into her journey.

Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean poet, performer and four-time TEDx speaker, her accomplishments consist of poetry slam winnings and for her, changing her lifestyle from a prison included and underage drug and alcohol user to a famous and inspiring poet. She believes the conditions of one’s childhood and experiences impact their behaviour in different ways. Deborah’s childhood included her father having an abusive behaviour towards her and her mother, the fighting and stressful times of her family put her in a bad position. When she was 19, she went to prison for drug abuse. However, after all of her horrific, yet life-changing experiences her attitude towards life isn’t any different to others, as she uses her emotions for good.

For some, living in a privileged and enjoyable lifestyle, people tend to grow up with open opportunities and chances to develop one’s career and achievements. However, people question if Deborah would change her state of childhood and her experiences, however, she believes her experiences have shaped the person she is today and knows that without them, she wouldn’t have achieved her dream and passion of poetry. I believe that experiences build character and even though those memories probably weren’t pleasant, they motivated you to be who you are in the future. Experiences let you evolve and become better. Many of Deborah’s poems come from those experiences. For example, her poem, ‘I love you’ is her expressing her feelings and anger towards her abusive father and addresses how love can be complicated and fake. “So I thought that this was what love meant, a struggle to possess when we only possess ourselves. A need to have another person exactly as we want them.” The way she uses her experiences to tell her audience how her concept of love was shaped into something it’s not, gives the reader an insight into her thoughts and the reasons behind her poetry and where her character comes from. She achieves her poetry pieces by expressing her feelings through words. Poetry let her observed her thoughts which helped her better understand herself, instead of holding all her emotions bunched up in her head.

Emmanuel gives us her view on the court of justice system and how. She states, “You see, with the story and the way I tell the story, there are definitely some issues about the system that come up. I question the way that we rehabilitate most drug consumption offenders. We punish people who smoke marijuana or pop Ecstasy the same way as hard-drug abusers who, say, shoot up heroin — in the same way, or similar ways, at least at the time I was in there,” she conveys a message which lets others think about the perhaps wrong punishments given to people who shouldn’t be brought to levels of others who have done worse. I agree with her view and that prison doesn’t always complete the cleansing of one’s behaviour with this sort of punishment, but instead, it gives them more struggles and grief of their lives. However, in America, although the majority of the people feel that the criminal justice system isn’t tough enough, the percentage that agrees this way has dropped drastically over the past decade. In March 1992, more than 83% said the system isn’t tough enough. By August 2000, the percentage had dropped to 70%. Therefore, even though, not everyone might agree with her, people might be coming to a different opinion, potentially through experiences or from people like Deborah speaking out about it. Many other crimes address this same issue, a bias reaction can easily come out during trials and can result in an unfair and broken system. This possibly evokes her poetry and the story behind it. In her poem, ‘I was told’ she emphasises her struggles and how her punishment was brutal. “I was told to sit properly, I was told to stop moving, stop talking, stop smiling, stop laughing, stop singing, stop dancing, finish eating, walk in line now and be sorry, be very very sorry, because what you did was wrong and now you are suffering the consequences of your actions and you will be sorry for the rest of your life.” Her perspective impacts the views of others and the harsh outcomes of the slightly wrong act, as she expands on her beliefs about the character building through struggles.

Deborah Emmanuel gives a depth insight to her life, the struggles she fought through and how those experiences drove her passion. Not only does her writing benefit her, they inspire others to follow their passion and to fight through rough times. My perspectives are similar to Emmanuel’s. That many people go through awful times. Some of those people might take the wrong path and use those emotions for either revenge or self-pity. However, others will take those emotions and use them for good, as Emmanuel did, she used her childhood and time in prison to reflect on her strengths of poetry and how she can share her journey with others, even though she believes the justice system is broken all of her experiences have somehow impacted her, either in passion or regret.



TWC2 is an organisation which helps migrant/transient to find jobs and to get their lifestyle stable and on track. they help 70% of workers. 20-30% of workers need help with salary issues and many others struggle with their employer and their agreements. TWC2 helps these workers in the process by telling them their rights and ways to find a better situation for them.

most of these workers receive $1.70 an hour and $12 a day. To earn more and argue with their employer they have to get a lawyer, which requires money and resources. The employers and legal firms are normally not happy with this organisation because it goes against their ways and helps the employees.

What I learnt…

That transient workers are in need of the society’s help and that we as a society and a community also have a right to their lives and their wellbeings. Singapore needs these workers to build the community and area we live in. Their problems are deeper than just donations. The workers need these jobs for their family, to pay for children’s education and food and housing. This is why we need to help these workers not only for their benefit but also for our community.

Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean poet who has always felt far from any one culture. She was influenced by western culture but then later found ownership in Singapore and a place of belonging.

Deborah experienced a violent/unstable father and struggled with poverty and then struggled with her own life after her mother died. However, she started meditating and going to poetry slams which helped her.

Poetry let her observed her thoughts which helped her better understand herself, instead of holding all her emotions bunched up in her head.

Her younger self needed to experience those things so she could evolve and become who she is today.

What I learnt…

Power is something we take for granted and those opportunities we ignore.

Experiences build character and even though those memories probably weren’t pleasant, they motivated you to be who you are in the future. Experiences let you evolve and become better.

“every plastic bag counts”