My first week of grade 9

During the first week of grade 9, I meet new people and I learnt new things about the current stage of grade 9 and the more things I will learn and the new experiences I will have in the future. For Monday and Friday of the first week, we were off schedule, so we could bond and learn more about our mentor class. On Monday, we would meet our new mentor class and our teacher. We also had assemblies to welcome and congratulate us into high school. Through Tuesday to Thursday, we would have our normal subjects. This introduced us to the different people in those classes and also those new teachers. On Friday, we had an assembly talking about what future trips we could choose to go on. We then went to the sports hall to participate in team building activities and challenges with our mentor class. I felt like these activities really let us get to know each other. We finally went back to our mentor classroom to start on this portfolio. For the future trips that we will be able to choose, I am excited to see what new friends I will make and what new experiences I will have. Currently, I am deciding between the diving expedition in Sulawesi or the Himalayan white water rafting trip. I would like to go on these trips because they would both give me very good and new experiences, I’ve never been diving or rafting so both of these trips would teach me new skills.

I am very curious, yet excited about the year to come. I hope I learn new things that would help me in the future and I will meet new friends and other people that will be important in my future journey.