Personal Statement


A goal that I want to achieve throughout the year is mainly to avoid procrastinating. This way I can manage my time well to get all my work done on time and effectively. I also want to achieve some physical activity goals. I want to improve in touch rugby and cross country. I want to improve, as in my fitness and strength in all of these activities. For my first goal, I can make lists and schedules to organise my time by knowing what I need to do each day. This way, I can know what I’ve done and what I need to do. For my physical activity goals, to improve I can work and train outside of lessons so I can be ahead of the lessons and I can make the most out of the classes. I will know if I have achieved the first goal if I have a clear change of the stress level from my school work. I can also know if I am improving and achieving this is by completing my homework for each day and also getting higher marks and scores on my work.

I will know if I am achieving my second goal, by always giving 100% in my trainings and also just noticing a change in my fitness and skills when I am participating in these sports.


So far throughout this year, I believe I have made effort to improve these drawbacks to my learning by following my goals and strategies in order to achieve them. Relating to the exams, I think it gave me a good look at what is coming in the future and more importantly, how I can prepare for them and other things like this. Recently, I have also been more aware of the things I need to do in order to achieve the things I want. I have also given myself motivation to work harder even on the things I don’t like. Overall, I think recently I have improved with my goals relating to procrastination and working hard, however, I still need to keep improving.


Relating to my physical goals. This year, i have participated in many activities, even ones that were new to me. For example, i tried out swimming, volleyball, softball, boxing and track and field. Then I would continue with my favourites, touch and cross country. Through these activities, I encountered many learning obstacles, which in the long-term gave me knowledge regarding my strengths and weaknesses.


My goals I will strive for throughout next year, include mainly around academics. As for this year, I have made progress and next year I want to keep it going. This year, I made a big achievement in Enterprise. At the start of the year, I wasn’t very good at it and wasn’t very confident. However, not long after I made more effort in my task 1, I then got a good score. From then on, I have gained so much confidence in the subject from that one good mark and I have kept it going. This gives me motivation to do the same with other subject which I struggle with. This is another goal I want to achieve throughout next year.


Living in Singapore has also given me different experience from my family and especially family back in my home country. Living with international people has also allowed me to learn about new cultures and nationalities, this has also came from going to UWC. I enjoy living in Singapore because of the safety and the people. I have met many friends but living in Singapore most of the times leds people out and back to their home country. Despite that, making news friends has also developed as a skill.