Activity: Badminton Reflection 1

LO1- Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth
This activity will help me develop skills that I lack. I think it’s important to be open minded in order to grow and improve as a badminton player. However, it’s as vital to know your strengths so that you can use them to your advantage during a game. Many people don’t really self-evaluate, and just play games for fun. In my opinion, if a person doesn’t reflect on his own strengths and areas for growth, that person can’t improve on the court. It is challenging to look at your weaknesses and work on them. I find it much easy to develop skills that I already have and am good at. For example, backhand from the back court is hard for me because it requires lots of technique and power. Therefore this is a skill I need to work on this year. I also want to develop my smashing and dropping technique so that the smashes are faster and the drops come closer to the net.

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