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Swayam Mohanty

Swayam Mohanty is a boy, he is a good friend but I make fun of him too much. Swayam is extremely smart so I use him to help study and do big things. he has many friends, most of them consist of Indian race and they have all made a group, the group is called Foskanda forever, like from Wakanda forever (black panther) This guy Swayam, also known as Swam, is very funny.

I like Swayam, he is cool. He lived happily ever after


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ReCycle Service

This is a photo of the bike that I have been working with my groupmates (sean and mishka). Although my attendance has not been the best I have made up for that by making sure to work my hardest during service. Service is very enjoyable as I am quite good friends with all the students in the service and the topic we are doing is quite interesting to me. Although I am not the type to like to get dirty, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty while cleaning bikes as I know this is for a better cause.

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Criminal psychologist

one very interesting talk I went to was about a young guy from England who went on a path to become a phycologist, he specialised in criminals and men that have sexual groomed or attempted to. he was there to see if they were going to make a change.

many interesting points he brought up were about weird things that have happened, one cool thing that he mentioned was the way he could tell if people were lying just by the way they shift their behaviour. he once worked with someone who had upskirted little girls, since he does not look at the report of the criminal, he was mentally scarred by this experience as he only found this out afterwards. I would not mind talking to him again as he seemed very interesting.


How sports changed my life

this story was a story I could definitely kind of relate to or at least picture better, it was a story about a man who was not very good with academics. instead, he focused his attention on the sports he did, for example, windsurfing, rock climbing and many more, he went to teach these and travelled around the world teaching these sports to people all over the world, he settled in Bintan, mana mana where he taught for a year then went back to England to teach more, he preferred working in Bintan as it was warmer and he enjoyed the sand so he travelled back. that’s where he learnt about mana mana Singapore. he started working with little kids then heard about UWC’s outdoor ed department, where he started to work till he reached the point he is at now, Head Of Outdoor Education.





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Damn the dam is good!

In my opinion, I think the dam was a good idea, I have this reasoning as it has really affected China as it will reduce the air pollution caused by greenhouse gases, the dam can power 1/3 of the homes in China and could potentially persuade more people to use cleaner sources of energy. The river has also increased the size of the river leading to an increase in imports, the dam can also lift cargo crates making a new trade route, this is great as China has a huge needs a lot of trading as it is one of the leading economic countries at the moment. Before everyone hates the dam we also have to mention that the dam only affects locals nearby with landslides but affects the whole of China positively with clean electricity. even though there are many negatives, I think that the positives definitely outway the negatives, especially for China.

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what i have learnt

I have learned the word zest, when I was younger I didn’t even know this word existed until now. I have broadened my vocabulary list by 1 word and I am very happy as I will continue to remember this word for the rest of my life and it will serve a significant role. The word zest means enthusiastic which is something I am or want to be, also it has a very cool name, a name that will never be forgotten. a few new friends will stay significant to me too, these people are people I either never talked to because they just joined the school or people I just rarely see because we’re so different, after meeting them I have started to like hanging out with them and they are very interesting

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A team football

I was so happy to make the A team for my school football team. I put in so much effort and got back the amount I put in, I really need to put in effort in all my training sessions Though, I would rather not get dropped because I might be made fun of my friends. my team have many great players and I’m glad to be playing alongside them as some of them are very good players