Photography Pt.2 Reflection

LO2: A key milestone within the photography activity that I felt I was able to achieve in the midterm was understanding the so-called “fundamentals” of the camera. This took most of the first season, where each week we’d review in session what each individual setting would do, like changing the f-stop, ISO, or shutter speed. And it was only with enough of this knowledge that layered into my subconscious was I then able to begin playing around to get the photos I really wanted. This felt quite significant to me because before this activity this was the difference needed to start becoming an amateur photographer.

Source: SLR Lounge

One of the biggest challenges thereafter was experiencing how to apply these into skills in “the real world”, though we had this guidance in the start, photo taking is an individual experience, and requires your own creative direction in order to compose something appealing. There was a sense of disappointment in taking so many photos, to realize that more often than not the photo you took looked poorly in some way or another. But once in a while, there would stand out, like “a diamond in the rough”. Often only after a full session would I go through those photos and try and find one that works well, and though it might’ve felt poorly done, it was great to know that once in a while I did take a nice photo and that satisfied my creative desires. Below are some of the photos that I took, and without any editing.

LO5: Following the basic run-throughs of the camera, David our teacher advisor would often bring in new equipment to let us experience it and experiment it. For example, often we would have new lenses to try or a variety of lighting apparatus that would mean we have equipment available to use to try out lots of new things. I think that it was through these workshops that me and my peers were able to build upon each others ideas and continue to improve each other. I think especially when we were working with new equipment in a more “studio-like setting” we’d often rely on each other to try out ideas and could use that flux of knowledge to create something even better than what was before.

Light Painting 1

Light Painting 2

Infrared Photo 1


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