Red Riding Hood Ad Response

I think that the interplay and the visual text can be perceived as in different ways if used correctly. I find that visual texts allow us to interpret a storyline in a different way, such as “Little Red Riding Hood”. In the advertisement above, it shows us that a fairy tale book is banned in America but guns and gun laws are allowed. I find that the text was very small and did not catch people’s eyes at first glance. I feel that the organization of ‘Moms Demand Action’ was trying to grasp the reader’s attention to the gun and the book. The purpose of this poster was to give parents, especially mums the awareness of what kind of country their kids live in, allowing guns but not a fairy tale book. For me, personally, living in Singapore, guns are strictly banned in the country and fairy tales were allowed in many schools.

DIY FFT (Jafar and the Magic Lamp)

Jafar and the Magic Lamp:


Jafar was always the outcast in Agrabah, with his curly beard, his villainous-looking attire that his mother had picked out from the dollar store; but he was not a villain at all, he just wanted to help his mother. His mother was a servant in the royal palace, given scraps from the kitchen, getting slapped and shoved all around the kingdom. She would come home starving with bruises on every inch of her limbs. His mother would always tell Jafar stories about a magical lamp and a genie that grants people three wishes. Jafar always knew that the magic lamp was hidden away in the cave of wonder which is in the middle of a desert. It was a very secure cave, only some are able to get in and retrieve the magic lamp, someone who is sneaky, agile and someone who can be hidden in plain sight, but there was no luck. Till one day, Jafar saw a strange young boy with a sneaky little pet monkey stealing bread and apples from the poor for his own purposes along the streets of the kingdom. Jafar knew then and there that he was the key to retrieve the lamp for him. Jafar needed to hatch a plan, to get Aladdin to retrieve the magic lamp from the desert. He decided that capturing would have been the best option. He knew that Aladdin would not give himself up so easily. 


Jafar’s plan was successful, he captured Aladdin to help him retrieve the magic lamp from the cave of wonders. Little did he know that Aladdin was not only going into the cave for Jafar, he only wanted to go in to retrieve the lamp for his own purpose. Aladdin wanted to make his own three wishes so that he could become king and marry the beautiful princess. That is what Jafar did not see coming. Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp that was buried in the mass amount of gold, which then a powerful and mighty genie appeared from the lamp. His power was only strong for those who wanted wishes to be granted. Aladdin did not wish to give the magic lamp to Jafar as he wanted to keep the lamp to himself. Jafar knew at that specific moment that all of his hard work would have been done for nothing. Jafar had to result in his last solution by stealing the lamp so that he could become king and save his mother from abuse from the royal palace.


Jafar felt betrayed by his fellow ally and decided to bring Princess Jasmine as his little servant. Jafar has everything he needs to request for his wishes from the all-mighty genie. Jafar’s hard work for many years may finally pay off. His desire to become King and to allow his mother to live a peaceful life. Seconds before Jafar makes his wish, Aladdin comes in with a pocket watch in his back pocket. Aladdin rushed towards Jafar and held the pocket watch in front of Jafar’s eyes as it swung back and forth. Aladdin whispered into Jafar’s ears that “You will want to become a genie and not a King, and you will accept being trapped in a lamp forever.” Jafar’s face went blank, no emotions were visible from that moment onwards. Jafar then rubbed the lamp and told the genie that he wanted to become the most powerful genie in the world. Once Jafar wished for what he truly desired, Jafar came back to life. He was able to think straight again and begged the genie to stop his wish from coming true. Jafar fell to his knees in front of the genie but it was too late to redo the wish. Jafar turned into the most powerful genie in the world but remained trapped in another lamp while Aladdin lived his dream life happily with his wife Jasmine and his abused servant, Jafar’s mother.

BLM Movement Writing

This is an image taken from a padlet given by my English teacher. This image shows a person on a tightrope with a pole. On each side of the pole, we are able to see that one side says “Protest” and on the other side, it says “Risk” with a coronavirus on it. I find that this image not only relates to the US but to around the world. Recently, many countries in Europe and states in America are still having protests about the Black Lives Matter movement. This image shows that both matters are very important, protesting for people of colour to have justice and protecting ourselves from a coronavirus that could be deadly. Since protests are occurring at this present day around the world, more people in these countries will be a lot closer together while protesting, which then lead people to get the coronavirus. From my perspective of the cartoon image, I am able to see that the protests are heavier on. This sort of relates to the real world where people are out on the streets together, some with and some without masks on. This sort of shows that people do not find the coronavirus as important as the black lives matter movement.

Graphic Design Artworks

Towards the end of Grade 8, I had a free slot for a subject that I could take in Grade 9 and 10. Graphic design was one of the subjects that looked really interesting and I wanted to try it out. Over the two year period doing Graphic Design, I have made many artworks using many different techniques and was able to produce complex things. The Graphic Design course was a lot of fun and I enjoyed using different applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The skills that I have developed during this course was to be patient with my artworks and to not rush them. One of the artworks that I had made for my Mock Exams in December 2019 became a poster for my rugby club and printed copies to put around the school to advertise the club. I am really glad that I chose to do Graphic Design in high school and I hope to try out new things on Photoshop and Illustrator in the future.

U16A Rugby 2019/20


In Grade 10, I had played rugby in Season 1 and 2. Training during season 1 was in the morning every Tuesday and after school every Thursday. In Season 2, training sessions were every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the beginning of season 2, I had injured my ankle but luckily I did not miss any tournaments or games. I was elected co-captain for the season with my best friend, Ryann. The team trained and played really hard, everyone giving 100% on and off-field. In the middle of the season, I was given an opportunity to play for the U19B team against many different school teams in Singapore, sadly the games got cancelled and there were no more games from that day onwards, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. At the end of the season, we normally have awards for the players who stood out in the team. I won two out of the three awards, I received the “Athlete’s Award” and the “Spirit of Sport Award”. I was really pleased with the performance that I had shown throughout the season.

Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course – March 2019

In March 2020, I started another rugby course linked to ‘World Rugby’ and ‘Singapore Rugby Union’. For this course, I did it with my dad because we were both really interested in this topic. Like my previous course, I had to complete a few online modules but for this Strength and Conditioning course, there were a lot of things to learn and study before going to the class. The course session was a full day, it was about eight hours long. In my opinion, I found this course to be a lot harder than the coaching course that I did half a year ago. The majority of the course was based on Functional Screening. This method is normally used for seeing if athletes are flexible or weak in certain body parts. I was able to successfully complete the course with my dad by my side and we both came out with a certificate which makes us qualified to be a strength and conditioning coach.