Yoga with Tampines MINDS

In Yoga with Tampines MINDS we aim to help people with intellectual disabilities by teaching them simple but effective yoga to help them increase their focus and feel happy. I chose to do this service because I enjoy yoga myself; Yoga really calms me down and helps me bring my focus together while also relieving aches and pains in the body from strain. I have been doing yoga for 4 years and it has taught me how to keep healthy in a relaxed way. For example, every morning I usually do the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) to wake my body up and feel more active. The Surya Namaskar also helps increase your metabolism so you remain healthy.

I wanted to do this service because I enjoy seeing yoga benefit others as well as myself. Yoga is very calming for me and it has helped me with many of my health problems. I joined this service because I want to share my experience with others and help them benefit through yoga. I have previously helped teach and assist elderly people yoga at an old age home in Hong Kong and it felt great to put a smile on their faces, I really enjoyed it.


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