Case studies IFP

Two weeks ago, for our weekly IFP session, we discussed types of conflicts that could take place in UWCSEA east because of the misconceptions/ stereotypes hold by our school peers. I found the discussion really interesting, especially because some of the topic discussed were very dear to my heart. In particular, I found the case study about NC student and day-students perseptions about us as a way to learn for my self and for the others around me. I came up with an action plan that I think it would definitely help me the next time I will face a situation like that again. Here is my action plan, enjoy :). 

The end of the show – CULTURAMA #2

4th October 2018


After all the moments spent together, after all the long rehearsals every Thursday evening and all the extra ones on the 14th floor of the boarding house, the day has come. Culturama day is here!

With our sparkling dresses, we are performing on the stage following the beats of the music. Culturama meant a lot for me, first friendships, good vibes and then growth. I can barely think that one month ago I was so introvert and I felt scared even to speak with my teachers.

I have always liked challenges and this was one of the biggest I have ever faced. I will only have good memories from this experience and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to participate actively. I tried to get the most from it and I recognize it helped me a lot. As a new student, not only did it gave me the chance to meet new people from school, especially day-students but also showed me how the UWCSEA community is like and what are the school activities people can be involved into.

Culturama inspired me a lot and I am really proud of the amazing job we did as a team by helping and motivating each other one another, never letting us down even when the situations seemed impossible to solve.

PSE reflections #1

During the first term, in PSE, we discussed topics such as ideal personalities types, emotional intelligence and optimism.

For me, it was the first time reflecting in class on myself and my personality. I found it really helpful, especially because with all the commitments in IB, not always do I find time to reflect on myself and I tent to take things for granted. Not only we analyzed ourselves deeply in order to build a more complete picture of ourselves, but also we discussed our role with the others both in school and in society in general. For example, I realized that when I work in a group I care that everyone’s feelings have been taken into consideration and that their voices have been heard before acting. In addition, this classes made me realize that everyone reacts differently to each situation and before take whatever action we should be more considerate.

However, the thing I enjoyed the most of the course was the discussion on IQ and EQ. Personally, I think that a high EQ is even more important than a high IQ. In my opinion, empathy and creating bonds skills allows you to succeed more in life. With this, I am not saying that having good math skill is not important but, if your friendship skills are weak, your incredible math will be never noticed.

In conclusion, I would say that this term really helped me settle in the school. I had a really taught time but, thanks to the work done on positivity, I have been able to manage it.

El baile de la salsa – CULTURAMA #1

12th September


Little were the things I was sure about myself, one of them was that dancing was not my cup of tea. Then, I met Genesis, Myriam, and Valeria, the dance leaders of Culturama Latin America and so my “dance adventure” began. Even though some would argue with that, I am a shy person that HATES HATES HATES being in the spotlight. The idea of applying for the selection wasn’t even in my mind but, after having had a latina dance party during Tuesday’s community time, I realized latinas dances were both really fun and challenging, so I found enough courage and I applied for the dance.

Well, since you are reading this, you may already know how it went. Last Thursday we did our first rehearsal with everyone and it went amazingly good! Everyone was really focused and ready to start this new adventure!

I really hope this experience could challenge me and make me experience brand new things I have never done before. I will see how it goes, stay tuned!


GRADE 11 first impression

Friday, 11th of August 2018

40 people coming from all around the world, one week, one house. This has been my life during my first week in UWCSEA. It was my first time in a boarding house and honestly, I was literally shaking of my fear. What was I supposed to do? Which things should I expect from my co-years?

Luckily, things worked on well and I’m literally in love with my boarding house, my classmates and all my teachers. I feel like I’m at home already and, with my friends, it seems we have known each other for ages.

I’m really happy with the choice I made and I’m looking forward to continuing this breathtaking adventure!