Fixed Mindset: English 

On a spectrum of mindsets, with a completely fixed mindset on the lefthand side and a completely growth mindset on the right hand side, English would be the subject placed most left on the spectrum. Although English has never been my best subject it wasn’t/isn’t only the grades that I achieve in the subject that result in this fixed mindset. It is the fact that I find English so ambiguous, so uncertain, so unclear on how to move from a 5 to a 6 or a 6 to a 7 or even on how to answer a questions posed by the teacher in the midst of a class that causes this mindset. When French was my biggest struggle in school I even had a more growth mindset towards it. I hated it but I believed that if I worked harder than I did at the time I could of made more a difference to my attainment then English. This is because French was more involved on learning a specific vocabulary and specific rules. Even though this is true I still disliked French due to a high difficulty and workload paired with a low necessity, and enjoyment.

I think that this year I perhaps have a more optimistic approach to English. This may be because of how important each of our 6 subjects is now that our grades are added up altogether and play a big role in our acceptance into universities or maybe it’s because I am less reluctant to accept that the arts, including literature and language, are important to society which hasn’t always been my view and a perspective that changes from time to time.

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