Relationship Bank Account

Think about your meetings that you have coming up with PW supervisor, EE supervisor, UAC, advisor

What are some things you can do to prepare? How does that pay into your RBA with that person? What might be some withdrawals that you can perhaps anticipate?

For my meeting with my EE supervisor I can come prepared with prompts that I am thinking about discussing in my EE and thoughts about my topic in general. This will aid them to understand what I am researching and how I am thinking of structuring the essay. This would be a deposit into the relationship bank account because this would show my supervisor that I am organised, hardworking and interested. In this relationship I can anticipate that I will have to request their help a couple times which will be a withdrawal from the relationship bank account.

For my meeting with my UAC advisor I can come prepared with the documents we have been preparing in PSE the last couple of weeks. This will give my advisor an idea of who I am and my goals. I can also prepare a couple of questions before the meeting as they will be more thought out.

Who are people with whom you might have professional relationships? How will you keep these relationships positive?

In the future some important professional relationships will be with my boss and coworkers. To have a positive relationship with these people I should try to carry my weight, be respectful of their time and space, aid when possible.

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