Physio CAS Reflection #1

LO 1 AWARENESS (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)

The experience I will be talking about in this reflection is the ankle injury I sustained at the beginning of the year and how my participation in sports after the injury has resulted in long term effects on my ankle. At the beginning of the year I injured my ankle playing Basketball however I caused the injury to become much worse through continued participation in rugby pre-season.  I mentioned in my previous reflection about Rugby that I showed commitment by playing through injury however thinking back to how I handled the situation I regret continuing to play. This was not my first injury to my ankle, I have had multiple injuries to my ankles including an injury last year during SEASAC Basketball and this was not the first time I decided to play through an injury however this is the longest duration of time I have had an ankle injury for, which is likely caused by the continued participation in rugby, basketball, and by lack of commitment to physio.

What this situation demonstrated was that I am good at being committed to sports teams even through the injury. I think that this is a strength in most circumstances however I think that in this particular circumstance my commitment to the team was counterproductive in the long term. The process of rehabilitating has not been very easy. The main issue is commitment. Being committed to physio is hard because of the time it consumes and also because it is boring. My commitment to physio is a stark contrast to the commitment I showed in the Rugby season which is something I would improve going forward so that I have the capacity to play sports in the future. One struggle in the rehabilitation process was stopping myself from playing sports. This was hard because I enjoy playing sports and I am able to participate in sports to a certain level however after I can feel that it has had a negative impact on my ankle (sore, swelling).

Physio has made me aware of my areas for growth. One area of growth that would benefit my current situation is resilience and the ability to continue even though it is hard to stay committed. In the recent weeks, I have been able to reduce my level of activity however my ankle is still not in good condition and may require more visits to the doctor and more physio in the next couple of months.

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