Physio CAS Reflecton #2

LO 4 COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience and commitment in activities)

In this activity, I have shown commitment for the month of March by staying consistent with my physio. My main motivation is trying to reduce the pain in my ankle and working towards returning to physical activity. Other ways I have shown commitment are through reduced physical activity such as playing Basketball with friends which is always tempting however affects my recovery in the long term.

My mum has helped me stay on track with my physio by forcing me to do physio every night for 30 minutes. I have also been able to stay on top of my own physio by allocating some time every night to do some band work and exercises. Something that motivated me to do my physio was the discomfort in my ankle when doing simple things such as walking home.

Being committed to my physio has not resulted in any noticeable results yet. Not doing physical activity has reduced the pain in my ankle which is expected however I know that if I do not continue with my physio my return to sports will result in a quick injury. The aim of my physio is not necessarily to reduce the pain in my ankle but to reduce the chances of reinjury which results in more months in physio and away from sports. I do not think that results will be evident until much later in the process of recovery and therefore the success is hard to measure. It is one of those things that you have to trust your doctor about and hope that the work you put in results in a positive outcome.

Generally, my commitment is affected by the amount of work I have or how tired I am. If I have a lot of work I tend to work until around bedtime which is not when I am most motivated to do my physio. To prevent this, I did my physio earlier in the day around 5 when I wanted to take a break from work or before starting work which meant that being tired did not play as large of a factor.

In the future, I hope to continue this consistency.

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