Gym CAS Reflection #1 – LO3

LO3 INITIATIVE (Planning and initiated activities)

What activities did I plan? 

I planned my gym schedule and the exercises that I would be doing during my sessions at the gym.

What was the outcome of my planning? How do I know?

So far this year, the outcome of my planning has been positive. I have maintained a consistent schedule which is the result of prioritizing gym and having realistic expectations of the number of sessions I can do per week given the current academic workload and the recovery times.

How did my plans change as the activity progressed? Why?

The activities I have done during my gym sessions have changed as I have gained more knowledge about exercises, rep ranges, and time between reps. This is the result of tips from my supervisor, my friends, and websites.

What difficulties did I face in executing my plan? How did I overcome these challenges?

In the beginning, going to the gym did not feel like something I had to do, it seemed optional. Over time it became more of a habit like going to a class. Even if I felt tired on a day, it is better that I show up and do less than normal than to skip the gym.

How did I respond to changes in plans? Would I respond the same way in future? Why/why not?

Sometimes I would have a test that I felt I needed to prepare for. In some circumstances, I would postpone the gym until after the test however I would still make sure that I put in the same amount of hours in. I think this was the right thing to do as the individual importance of a test is greater than the individual importance of a gym session, and I was able to make up the gym sessions after, but I would not be able to make up the test after.

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