Reflection 3

If I had the opportunity to make some adjustments, I would work on the rigor of the paper. When I discussed certain theorems or tried showing proofs, I may have lacked depth in the explanations for the reader to be confident that what I was talking about was correct. Because this is an extended essay in mathematics, I think this would be the main focus of a rewritten essay, but I believe that the essay I have written has demonstrated a good level of depth for the reader to develop an understanding. The strategy behind the paper was to show the process of RSA and then delve into the smaller theorems and areas that contribute, which would clarify certain parts of the full process. So far, I have not thought of a better way to do so, although flipping the order would probably not be worse for the reader (smaller sections then full process). From where the essay has ended, it would be interesting to dive deeper into the proofs involved in RSA or related topics (prime numbers/number theory).
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