This week at LEAP, we discussed our future. Originally, we did some admin work, then we proceeded to sort out assignments and projects for the rest of our time. We discussed possibilities for a college service event or collaboration with family festival. Earlier on this day I watched a documentary, for LEAP, called Let Us Be Heroes, by Rebecca Cappelli. We discussed aspects of the documentary, including the issues regarding the environment and the human body around animal vs plant-based diets.

This documentary sheds light on an important topic regarding the future of us. I realise that I have never had to make a choice between vegetarian and meat-eater because I grew up veg, however, I do think that the bias people have on a plant-based diet needs to change. It may not be easy to cause big sustainable change, but if we can chose what we put on our plate, we are privileged. And if we are privileged, we can chose the more sustainable option. Lastly, I would like to share a quote featured at the start of this documentary.

“Who am I to change the world?” Says 7.6 billion people – unknown


This week in LEAP, we had 2 visitors from the Boarding House. We discussed the possibility of future collaborations with the boarding house sustainability group and we also went through SEC and their document. There was a little bit of resistance to how SEC responded to our inputs and possible miscommunication.

We need to start going full steam ahead to work on our actual goals. In the past few weeks, we have been distracted from our real goals, but we need to work strongly on what we need to spend time on. We are working with groups that don’t understand what and who we are, and we need to consolidate our grounds and build from down to up. We have the potential to work and improve so much on our campus.

LEAP Week 4

Today in LEAP, we attended an SEC workshop. SEC stands for sustainability enterprise consultants, and they talked to us about how we can find and sell sustainable products. We critiqued their efforts in order to improve the value of their workshop for the future. I think I am understanding how our campus works more and more, and it is interesting to see how we can improve and work around the challenges that our school structure provides.

Overall, we are still stalling our major ideas for this service, but we are leading to the growth of our service and we are expanding our reach to other service groups.

Service Learning Week 3

This week in LEAP, we went on a walk around the green spaces in our school. We also explored the possible projects we might want to take on in later sessions. Still very much an introductory session, learning about what we will be doing and why it’s important. I think that this really helped develop our understands of the school’s capacity for improvement. I saw my Urban Gardening bed from last year of service work.

LEAP Week 2

This week in LEAP, we did a walk around the green spaces in the school. We went to the composting area, The Hive, The Nest, the Grade 2 gardening zones and more. Here are some photos of some of the green spaces. I never realized how much our school had potential for environmental success. There is a lot of project seeds in our school, we can do a lot more to help out.

LEAP Week 1

This week, I joined a service called LEAP, it is a leadership service, focused on consolidating college service. In our first session, we worked mostly on introducing the service to the group. Ms.P, our service coordinator, explained to us the responsibilities of us as a group. We started exploring the previous years work with the service. I really like the service I am taking part in this year, I can see how my work with Urban Gardening last year will be expanded on this year. I think this is good for my NYAA because it shows how I can do more with environmental college services.

Healthy Living Month of August

In the month of August, I really felt as though I was achieving a lot in terms of my tennis and overall fitness. I felt like I was improving a lot, but there is still a long way to go. I have a few matches this week, hopefully, my training will pay off and I will feel good while playing.

This month I finished my second week at the Tennis Academy in Spain. I got to meet many new people and making lots of connections.

Healthy Living Month of JULY

This month was very intense, fitness-wise. I started off July, by celebrating my birthday on the foothills of the Himalayas. I cam back from my trip around July 11th. I spent around half a week relaxing in Bangkok, and there I spent some time just chilling. Then I flew off to Equelite Sports Academy near Valencia, Spain. I spend a lot of time there working on my tennis skills and really7 understanding what it means to train a lot. I did get a few injuries, but I learned how to take care of myself. I think that NYAA has taught me how to grow instead of feeling drained or demotivated 🙂